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Hammerhead Question
Old 23 Apr 2007, 18:58   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Hammerhead Question

I was thinking, a railgun or plasma turret for my Hammerhead?
Most people use a plasma turret, but a railgun owns with his range (72")
And his strength with solid shot.(10 > > >)
But... I need some advice.
(PS:faults in spelling are because I'm dutch.)
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Default Re: Hammerhead Qeustion

being dutch is no reason to not use spell check (i'm dutch too)

Originally Posted by jais
I need it! I need it! I need it! anton's vagina that is...
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Default Re: Hammerhead Qeustion

We have a lot of Dutch members, actually. Including one of the Space Marine board moderators, in fact (guess which one of them it is ). Just do your best. The practice will help.

Very few people use the Plasma Cannon turret from Forge World, simply because Forge World units are not always allowed in competitive games. If you are debating between the Ion Cannon and the Hammerhead, I would say it comes down to your regular opponents. I will normally only take an Ionhead as my second or third Heavy Support Choice, after a Railhead as my first choice. The versatility of the Railgun is hard to beat.
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Old 24 Apr 2007, 00:48   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

Yea, the Plasma turret just isn't worth it on a hammerhead, especially since it's not tourny legal. For the normal options:

Railgun= GEQ's, Heavy armor

Ion Cannon= MEQ's, Light armor
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

Broadsides are also an important factor. If you have broadsides, then you could have the vehicular-stopping power of a railgun and the infantry-stopping power of the Ionhead.

Or, if your enemy likes clustering his units very tightly, you could get the submunitions. >
Originally Posted by The All-father on me
Oh, dear...
Originally Posted by Why So Serious?
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

The only issue in choosing between the two tank weapons is that regardless of which weapon you choose, they will only serve at half their functionality.

A marine/necron army is often seen with heavy armor (13-14) vehicles, typically on all sides or at least the front and sides; ideal targets for a railgun. However, the submunition is relatively ineffectual at taking out MEQs since all it does is force armor saves.

Meanwhile, against a GEQ army the submunition will slaughter infantry, but the high point cost reduces the effectiveness compared to the cheap units/low armor vehicles that are typically engaged (if that BS3 shot misses, you've just blown an entire 50+ weapon for the turn).

The ion cannon will easily rip apart MEQs, but founders against their vehicles. On the other hand, it is a nice cheap way of shredding GEQ vehicles, but lacks the mass fire capability to really put the hurt on infantry squads.

It's hard to decide, in either case, simply because you are only going to do so much damage with either...and very limited damage at that. Both weapons bite against anything with a 2+ save (which is where the forge-world plasma cannon comes in >)
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

The only time Ive ever found the submunition useful against meqs is when they're all bunched up. Like, say, they just got out of a drop pod. Template in the right spot = enough armor saves that people will die. Alternatively, solid shot the pod and pray for an explosion.

Against guard, I generally find it makes them stay in cover very well.

Do what I did...I own three hammerheads, I built my first with a railgun, but left the other two swappable. I cant imagine of a time Id be fielding three HHs without a railgun, but the other two vary depending on circumstances.

Ive found that in general, a railhead, an ionhead, and a broadside team provide a very nice mix of HS options. Broadsides gives you the static firebase to utterly destroy a tank a turn, should they move it into view, and the ionhead is free to focus on MEQs and light armor, while the railhead tends to eat more round that is really justified, and can pick up slack.
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

I am currently running 3 HH often and normally use 2 rail, 1 Ion. Ion heads three shots can still carve up light vechiles (I find it good against my friends wave serpents as that reduces the strength of the rail gun to 8 anyway). The other benefit of the ion cannon is it's relative cheapness. You can run a teched hammerhead with a railgun with out going over 150pts.
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

Much as I always encourage use of Forge World, in this case I have to say go with the Railcannon, even though in my mind the plasma turret looks cooler. The railcannon, I think, is just the best.
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Default Re: Hammerhead Question

I've ditched my skimmers in favor of crisis and broadsides. The number of TLRG you can feild if you run no skimmers is astounding. And with some shield drones, the chances of survival are actually better (on a turn basis) than for the skimmer. Not to mention the TL with an effective BS of 3.5.

When I did run Hybrid, I ran 2 Ion and 1 railhead. Can't beat 6 BS4 Str 8 shots. And that one dice roll for the rail always seemed to fail

Here is an example:

Railhead + Burst cannon, Decoy launcher, Multi track and target lock 170pt
one shot per turn for 6 possible in game. Bs4 on a single target. Move 12" per turn and may claim objectives if it survives.

Team of 2 xv88 + SMS, Team leader w/target lock, HWDC, 2 shield drones, A.S.S. 225pts.
two shots per turn for 12 possible in game. TL BS3=Bs3.5+ on two separate targets per turn. Moves up to 6" per turn and may claim objectives if it survives.

so for 55 points, you get twice as many shots per game on twice as many targets, with better protection (4+ invulnerable with sacrifical drone rather than skimming AV13) and a slightly less efficient BS that gets the TL reroll.

Hmm...no brainer on the heavies

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