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Tau vs. Necrons: How do you kill those metallic beasties!
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Default Re: Tau vs. Necrons: How do you kill those metallic beasties!

I've witnessed Tau fighting Necrons, and the one thing the Necron player seemed afraid of was the submunition shots from the two Railheads. The Railheads would simply stay out of range of the 'Crons, and pound them with ordinance blasts. Knowing the 'Cron player loved Scarab swarms, the Tau player equipped a Crisis team with twin flamers and shield generators, as well as shield drones on the team leader. It proved to be VERY nasty for the Scarabs. Destroyers and Warriors were handled (Along with support from the Railheads) by a second Crisis team with twin-plas and missile pods (Especially the team leader with a hardwired target lock and multi-tracker).

Now, I haven't fought the 'Crons myself, but seems this Tau player handled them well. Of course, the Necron Lord managed to make it into CC, but a swarm of Shaper-led kroot sorted him out...

Granted... the Tau player seemed blessed in his die rolls, too... :sadnshocked:


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Default Re: Tau vs. Necrons: How do you kill those metallic beasties!

it just so happens that the best player at our hobby shop plays Eldar and 'crons.... my two worst armies...
so, ive been bugged by the oh so evil marching metal wall that has giving many a 40k player nightmares... and have yet to win against them (dont play him often, but everytime i lose)
mainly i lose because of lack of models, his constant attitude of "it aint gaming unless its power gaming" and my poor army lists...
so i cant really tell you what to do... just what NOT to do...
if you can, play larger point totals... 1,500 to 2,000... do to their killer basic troops we are easily gunned down in lower point totals...
i would skip the pathfinders... find them a huge point sink because they are often VOD and killed along with anything else you're hiding
when working your mech list, the only thing you want getting even REMOTELY close to the necrons would me your empty pathfinders devilfish (if you took it that is) to make a road block to slow down the already lumbering metal dudes about to own you... offers you a chance to reposition and such...
and if you have the chance... id say 2 shas'el HQ's... ogtta love BS5 plasma and missle fire aainst those robotic baddies...

just my 2 cents...
or 50 bucks...
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Default Re: Tau vs. Necrons: How do you kill those metallic beasties!

My surefire way to winning against necrons is to get into a game with one, then halfway through, signal to your ninja minion to drop down from the celing and chop his head off. Since he cannot continue the game, you win by default.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Necrons: How do you kill those metallic beasties!

If the Necron player doesn't have a Tomb Spyder, do this

Fire into a Necron till they all fall over but before the WBB roll. If the entire unit is down, the squad automatically dies.

Tomb Spyders mean that even if they all fall down, they still get their WBB roll.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Necrons: How do you kill those metallic beasties!

Alright im just gonna give statistics about firewarriors against necron warriors
12 firewarriors shoot. 6 hit. 4 wound. 1.33 necrons fall down. half of that is how much of a necron dies. about .66. So theres gonna have to be alot of shooting with firewarriors to take these guys out.
So 1 firewarrior has a 5 percent chance of killing one necron warrior.
So hey, just get 20 firewarriors for ever warrior and your good!
Actually IMO you should not worry about trying to make their army phase out. I think other people have already given good ideas about what to shoot first. So ill give more statistics.
I dont play against necrons much but they are beastly and you cant just do the average sit back and shoot. Its gonna take much skill to defeat a good necron player
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