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Stealth & Fusion?
Old 20 Apr 2007, 15:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default Stealth & Fusion?

Hey guys, I have a question. I got 2 stealth teams both the same config (one isn't done yet but still... it will be same because I used the spare burst cannon for some project of mine...)

So hears the config! Tell me what you think. I was planning on deep striking/infiltrating them as a part of my tactic that was described hear -> http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=44090.0


3 man team With the leader upgrade (to get knife, I don't need shas'vre), bonding knife, Fusion (on leader), T-lock on fusion, 2 drone controls (to fill the rest) with possibly drones either 2 shield or 2 Gun.

Total: 110 (possibly 130-140)

Sooo? how about it? Either deep strike right near or infiltrate 24' away?

Well some comments would be nice!

EDIT: Done & done! No more points cost, just whole point cost! May be now someone will give me some advise?!

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

Unfortionately I can't give a lot of advice, but you really shouldn't post points per item(A, it's a copyright infringement, and B, it's infringing GW's IP thing, and C, it gets everyone pissy when a GW rep comes knocking.). Just list it as a whole.
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Old 20 Apr 2007, 19:11   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

The way i set up my stealth teams is teams of 6, with one fusion blaster, targeting arrays and two shield drones. You have more firepower then a fire warrior squad in that handy config for less models on the table, with the handy advantage of stealth and better ballistics skill. Me, i feild two squads, and soon to be three squads of stealth suits minimum!

it is hard to get more versitile then the stealth suit.
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Old 20 Apr 2007, 22:22   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

and also, the drone controllers must have at least one drone. GW isn't as stupid as they look if you read carefully enough. Get blacksun filters instead.
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

Why do you guys field stealth suits with fusion blasters? From what I've read, they're a bad idea, but it seems like alot of people in this thread utilize them.
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

i like my six vanilla suits. just a simple 180 points. with drones they get difficult to hide, and with extra upgrades they get very very expensive.

besides, giving them a FB will probably make me put them into dangerous spots.
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Old 22 Apr 2007, 07:15   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

110-120 points for a three man stealth team is excessive for a tank killer...especially because its only BS 3.

Actually, the correct unit price, with shield drones(you MUST take 1-2 drones with each DC), is 127.

XV-8 w Tar Lock and TL fusion costs a whopping 50pts. Throw in a team lead firestorm for another 55, and add the shield drones.

Behold, a unit that costs two points less, has an additional wound, has higher toughness, and has better strength and range on two missile slots. As a fringe bennie, you could drop the drones and team lead, and just take a third suit instead...more flexibility.

Stealth teams are great, but when you try to have them do two jobs at once, they rapidly become quite expensive. Id advise that you only pack fusions if you suspect a lot of TEQs. They're great if you have to blast a demon prince down, and then, your burst cannons wont go to waste, as they will against many anti-tank targets.

For DSing tank killers, solo crisis suits are a cheaper and more reliable option. It all depend which role you are trying to fill.
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

If you want to upgrade the stealths with Fusion Blasters, you might as well kiss the steath field (and probably the pilot too!) good-bye. When you're within 6" (melta rule), the opponent has a 100% chance of seeing you. Not that great. :-\
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

I used to do this, but I found its much more effective to make a squad entirly devoted to one thing, in this case light infantry killing. If you have a fusion in a squad, then you have another 60-150 pts not doing anything when you shoot, or at least if you don't have a t. lock. In that case, you need hardpoints filled on all the other suits, which can quickly get expensive. Also, the fusion blaster at bs 3 was a little to unreliable in the games i used it. I would instead get a pirahna, as they have higher speed, durability and more uses.
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Default Re: Stealth & Fusion?

i tend to make 5 man squad. 1 fusion blaster. you need it large enough to do some damage and having 5 people in one squad makes it really easy to increase there BS with marker lights. But here is the thing that makes them a great tank hunter. 1 infultrate. i cant tell you how many times i have flanked a tank and destroyed it by turn 2. sure the burst cannons are short range and kinda weak. but getting 6 shots off on a back of a tank still can destroy it.
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