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How to kill "Feel no Pain".
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Default How to kill "Feel no Pain".

OK picture a korn squad all with chainaxes and feel no pain about 10 of them 25 pts each. all with a toughness of 4. i just cant kill the damn guys. its a +3 save then another 4+ save

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Default Re: How to kill Feel no pain.

hmmm.... lots of ap 2 and 3. Since 3+ and 4+ Feel no pain is essentially a 2+ save (1/3 chance to fail, and a 1/2 chance to fail that =5/6 chance to pass), i would just treat them like terminators, albeit terminators with fleet and like 5 attacks each...
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

There are two ways to deal with tough enemies

1) Bypass whatever is making them tougher. Usually this involves the use of a very large gun or something with a good AP

2) Make them take a LOT of saves. In other words, just hit them with an absolutely stupid amount of basic weapons. He has to fail a save sometime
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

One suggestion for the "ridiculous Dakka" strategy: CIB on commander, and Firestorm (MP, BC, MT) on battlesuits, only bc on stealth, a gigasmic gun drone squadron, FOF.
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

Note that feel no pain does not work against instakilling weapons. Suddenly, firing at them with the broadsides in a pinch doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

Also, Helios suits are your friend. You only get one optimal turn of shooting, but a unit within 12" will take 9 armor piercing rounds, three of which deny FNP saves. That'll put at least a couple more in the ground. Its all about using the right firepower, and focusing enough of it to entirely wipe squads.
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

Another trick would be not killing them at all - Khorne followers are easily to distract, and when they go berserk (i.e. roll a 1 (or 1-2) at the beginning of the turn, they are moving next to the NEAREST enemy). Furthermore, they have to charge enemy units if in range - no matter if the can wound them or not....

Just use Piranhas to lure them away, sacrifice the Drones as necessary, and use empty Devilfish to catch their attacks.

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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

Um, they shouldent be able to buy "Feel no Pain", they need access to the armory for that, which regular Khorne Marines don't have. Chosen could do it, but that would be 38pts per model.

Yup, I think that takes care of your problem, ;D.
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

Yeah, as Orange says that seems a bit fishy to have Necron'd Chaos Marines. As if the "Cheese-off Space Marines" weren't nachoed enough as is, a cheating player (or a player who doesn't understand armory rules) makes any strategy pointless, as you're not actually fighting a legit army. Double-check his list and his codex.
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

Heh, and if Beserkers weren't a pain, try dealing with a Death Company. They have hidden Power Fists, all of them can hurt our back armor, they'll take jump packs, and worst of all they're free!

Tau have a hard time with these type of units. Normally we can depend on focusing fire and eliminating a single unit at a time, something like the Death Company can shrug off, 40+ pulse shots with no problem (It's happened to me a few times). If found that denying the FNP isn't important, but removing the armor save is. Or, just take fusion blasters, seekers or a skyray.
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Default Re: How to kill "Feel no Pain".

the simplest way to kill them- avoid them ;D
kill everything else ;D ;D ;D

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