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Easy Kill
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Default Easy Kill

Which race would be simple to beat in a 1,000 point match?
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Default Re: Easy Kill

Originally Posted by Shas_O Andrew
Which race would be simple to beat in a 1,000 point match?
None of them. They are all supposed to be balanced at 1,000 pts.
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Default Re: Easy Kill

I would suspect tank-heavy IG, but that's just speculation. They are supposed to be roughly balanced, as Khanaris said...
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Default Re: Easy Kill

Eldar are pretty easy, or tank heavy marines.
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Default Re: Easy Kill

Presuming from the placement of the question that you mean "which race would be simple to beat with Tau in a thousand point match", I'd say you have your best chance against Orks.
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Default Re: Easy Kill

Marines who don't like close combat...
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Default Re: Easy Kill

at 1000 points, Armored company fields about 4-5 tanks, depending... so I'd say them. take out 1 tank, and there goes 1/5th of the army's total composition.

but also remember it consists of your army composition. if you don't have the ability to kill tanks, you may find yourself rather stuck.
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Default Re: Easy Kill

Orc without a doubt. I played one last night at 1000, I played 750. I lost two drones... he lost an army with a looted russ.
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Default Re: Easy Kill

non speed freak orc is easy to be at ANY point lvl. they really need a new codex.
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Default Re: Easy Kill

Chaos. Tau eats them alive at low point levels. Just make sure to bring your ionheads.

Orks, of course, would also be easy pickings.
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