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Tau and momentum
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Default Tau and momentum

this is more of a fluff question then anything. according to the tau codex the tau plan elaborate strategies and implement them until they run out of momentum and then fall back and regroup to minimize troop loss.

this got me thinking, what happens if the tau meet up with one of those endless small armed forces, like ork speed freaks or maybe troop heavy guard. you know the kind, the armies with units that have no power what so ever but are the size of a state, with a few dozen guys. the kind of armies that tau players can clear cut slaughter.

what happens when the tau mow down a hundred or so enemy troops without loosing much of anything? they still have the momentum but they have already been through quite a fight. do they advance or do they fallback and restock, reload, and regroup?

the whole reason i ask is because I've got some spare cash and have been thinking about adding a small branch to my tau army with some specially themed figures. one of the ideas for a theme i had was battle worn tau (if it makes any sense). tau who had already been fighting for a few hours but have come out on top so they just keep going. a few examples if they were fighting the imperium
-fire warriors carrying their wounded shas'ui into battle, now wearing a shock trooper helmet since his was blasted off.
-crisis suits that have seen some close combat, blood splatted around their feet and chain swords lodged into joints and between armor plating, one with an imperial guard plasma gun hot wired to his damaged plasma rifle.
-piranha patched together from damaged and destroyed vehicles, armor plating (with different paint schemes) fused together in places to get a damaged piranha up and running, even if the engines are partially exposed.

so do you think the tau would continue an advance if they had a good chance at victory even if they were low on suplies, munitions, and slightly chewed up?
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Default Re: tau and momentum

Not to do so would "lack imagination".

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Default Re: Tau and momentum

Probably not. The Tau are fairly coordinated on the battlefield scale, so Mantas and other support craft would able to resupply units in the field without too much trouble. But if they were a small force in a position where support was not available, it could go either way depending on who was in command. It sounds like a pretty fun army to me. Make sure to post pictures if you try it.
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Default Re: Tau and momentum

It would probably be a bit like wiht the Farsight Enclave, they'd transfer power from other things to keep the rest of the force working thus restricting what they could use at any one time (The could always just run in with Honour Blades and, um, poke people...)
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