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Requesting the stratigical advise
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Default Requesting the stratigical advise

Ok hear the deal. I am building a mechanized army.

It IS NOT an army list! yet any way...

Main strategical lines

2 ways 2 go->

1st way -> Mont'ka (Swift blow) style

Idea -> simultaneous double fish ram (FoF) + deep striking stealth suits with possible railhead support piranha and vespid support.

Most possible organization (subject to change):

HQ: Shas'EL 'undecided config'


1st 1 Hail storm (Shas'Vre HWMT, AFP, TL Burst cannon. ) (possible bonding knife)
possible-> 2 & 3 Death Rains (TL missile pods and Shield (and may be HW lock)

2nd & 3rd -> Two stealth teams each 3 man with fusion, Drone control and T lock on fusion guy. Possibly 2 Gun drone.


2 12 man FW with knifes and upgraded Shas'Ui on Fish with MT and D-lunchers

Fast Attack:

Possible Pathfinder fish with MT and D-lunchers and knifes (8 man squad)

1 squad of 2 piranha units with fusion and D-Lunchers.

Possible one or two squads of Vespids (Yep I bought 6, I have to use them some time right? )

Heavy Support:

One or Two Rail heads with Gun drones with disruption pods, MT and D-Lunchers.

Question: General Advises? Shas'El Config? Ok couple things. Stealth STAYS, Fish Ramming STAYS at least one. at least one Vespid Squad STAYS...


2nd way -> Mont'ka again this time with kroot

Idea -> Kroot heavy (or "Storm Krooters") Infiltrate with deep strike followed by Fish Ram

Organization (subject to change):

HQ: Shas'El 'Undecided (again...)

Elite: ->SAME<-


1st One same squad of FW <-

2nd-5th (4 squads) 10 men Kroot squads with shapers.

Fast Attack:

1 (possible Two) squads of Pathfinders (Same config)

1 squad of Piraniah (same config)

Heavy Support:

None (not enough points)

Questions: General Advise? Shas'El Config? Again Stealth, kroot, fish ram and Pathfinder fish STAYS.


Ok thanx guys in advance

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Default Re: Requesting the stratigical advise

1.) Advise is a verb. Advice is the noun form.

2.) Re: second list. Kroot are great in moderation - they are good, but too many, and you're cutting into your other tricks. 40 may be too many as there simply are usually not that many places kroot squads would do well in. Usually I can see 2 places on the table I would like to deploy my kroot to, but not 4. (happy to see a fellow enthusiast however.)

3.) Re: both lists. You need more AP2s. It is a sad but unavoidable truth that 80% of armies out there are marine of some sort. They oh-so love their terminators too. Having the tools to dispatch them quickly and reliably is a must.
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Default Re: Requesting the stratigical advise

Oh, I beg to differ. Kroot can and do SLAUGHER terminators. Twenty shots, ten hits, five wounds means one is likely to go down every turn per Kroot squad.

The 4+ forest save is nice, but ruins can be just as useful for negating fire. With the loadout I typically see (assault cannon, 2 stormbolters, and "Rightening Craws") they typically only take down 1-3 Kroot a turn with shooting. Oh, I'm scared, they killed the approximate value of a single space marine with all of that.

Also, it is impossible for Terminators to take frag grenades. > Find some 6" cover and pop off termies until they give up and try to assault you...then watch as the survivors get killed by 22(shaper bonus) Intitiative 10 attacks. All to try to kill a unit worth less than 100 points, even with the shaper.

The only problems kroot really have is tanks and monsterous creatures. This is usually solved with FB piranhas, seeker missiles, plasmaR, and railguns...of which I see few. If you are adamant on running pathfinders, throw some seeker missiles out there on those DF, and give them SMS instead of their MT/decoy combo so that they can actually hit the enemy without fear of retaliation (They can tank shock all they want, but pathfinders don't FOF. Keep them alive at least so that you're 'suits can gain that DS re-roll).

Those path's aren't really going to be helping all of those Kroot with their markerlights, and the battlesuits still have to have range to be useful, so give the path's some real firepower to play with. Load up on at least a few seekers. It will let them help with large/priority target killing, also extend their life expectancy by allowing them to drop enemy tanks when no other support is available.

(By the way, Red Dog, have you ever played "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne"? That kitchen minigame is stuck in my head now because of your "D-Lunchers" :P)

"I have exactly one-hundred men under my command counting on ME to lead that charge, you two-bit mechanic. I have five seige tanks, eight APC's, an artillery platform and a light mech that need resupply and repair by dusk. I need remote mines set, trenches dug, and my men fed and rested, or those Marines are going to be using us for toothpicks. Get it done, Fio'vre." Officer Sherwin Jackson, 13th Dal'yth Company, to Fio'vre D'nan

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Default Re: Requesting the stratigical advise

In my opinions (because you asked for them :P).

Set 1

I believe that you should not be deep-striking the Stealth suits, but more deciding where they will most likely be the most effective before hand. Hence the ability to infiltrate :P

Secondly, I think the configuration on your stealth suits is a sight bit whacky. First of all, if you take a single support system on any of them (excluding hard-wired systems on Shas'Vre) everyone else needs to take a support system. In my opinion, that gets expensive really quick. Two squads of 4 with 1 Fusion Blaster each is what I would run under these circumstances, because you still have the 3 man firepower and an added Fusion Blaster (although again, it is probably me being crazy :P).
Set 2

Far too heavy on the Kroot here. In fact, 2 squads of 16 may still be a tad too heavy :P. yeah, only real advice I can give you there though ;D

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