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Tau training
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Default Tau training

This is a fluff question.
What do the Tau use for training? Since all Tau weapons are built so that they don't go off when aimed at other Tau, do they use VR modules? Do they have some kind of wargame using paintballs or something? Is there even a fluff canon answer?
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Default Re: Tau training

I would guess that they would use targets for their aiming practice with wargames used to help tactical practice.
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Default Re: Tau training

I guess that they do it just like any proper modern army. Wargames with laser detection systems, targets for aiming and marching andshouting and stupid boot camps for disipline and physical fitness.

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Default Re: Tau training

I believe there was a bit of fluff covering this in the original Tau codex, but I don't have it on me to check immediately.

I recall a high-ranking fire warrior showing a high-ranking Imperial officer their training techniques, to try and persuade them to join without a fight. If memory serves me, they were actually live-fire excercises with older Imperial tank variants and such.

That's about all I can recall though. Feel free to check if you've got the codex.

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Default Re: Tau training

There was a piece in White Dwarf where the Tau wore special suits that would paralyse the wearer if "hit" by a special laser. Said lasers were fitted onto the Tau guns, and fired when the trigger was pulled. The guns were loaded with blank ammo to simulate recoil, muzzle-flash, etc. They also used Photon Grenades, which also triggered the armour.

As was mentioned, the Tau Codex also showed a Live Fire exercise against Imperial vehicles, recreated by Fio engineers.
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Default Re: Tau training

I believe Wargamer is right with simulated enviroment
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Default Re: Tau training

I'd always thought the Tau would train their smaller-scale(ie drills, staying in cohesivenessn etc...) in a field or military base. The larger-scale battles, however, would be in battle-domes, where the person's "consciousness" would be put into a small figurine maybe about the size of a model as the ones we play Warhammer with(more accurately scaled of course) and would probably use laser markers or the like to signify weaponry firing, while still using "blanks" as was stated earlier. But it would be possible for them to use scaled-down live munitions as well. This way, there aren't any "off" shots destroying the farm in the bacground when a Rail Gun misses. And if they can make the "body" bigger, why can't they make it smaller?

And as for the enemies...Since drones are such a prevalent force inthe Tau Empire, I think it's concievable that different tyes can act as a target(also scaled-down) or even be made to resemble differing types of units(Space Marines, Imperial Guard, generic drone).

And since when will a Tau gun not fire at another Tau? When/where was this stated? I understand a civil-war ranks up with Ethereal's dying, and mass-suicides, but still...
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Default Re: Tau training

In... Killteam i believe. an exercise is mentioned. Although that was against mock target, i.e cardboard silhouettes of imperial tanks. Otherwise i believe they conduct it as in Hawk Squadron, a very recommendable piece of fan fluff by our own Rook Hawkins. In there they use lasertargetters which immobilize their targets.

Hawk Squadron: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=16520.0
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Default Re: Tau training

I would guess it would be done using Marker technolog with hologram style targets fighting in combat halls. Vehicles would probably be captured and controlled using remotes.
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Default Re: Tau training

ever read enders game? i imagine that is what it is like without the antigrav.
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