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Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit
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Default Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

I just got a squad of Sniper drones today after seeing how well they did yesterday when I proxied them against a Guard army. I play a mainly mech force, so accepting these static little fellas into my army was sort of tough, but after two games with them I can't imagine how I ever played without them! They're cheap and effective, and the perfect source of markerlights for a small army.

Now imagine this situation... You're a fire warrior. Your transport has just been destroyed and you're backed up against a wall. There's a massive squad of assault marines led by a Chaplain charging at you, ready to smash your face in. They get about two metres away from you when a shot comes out of nowhere, blowing the head off the marine who's about to chop your head off. Suddenly the attacking squad is lit up by a markerlight and your squadmates start blazing away with their weapons, slaughtering the squad down to one man, who runs off. Your life has just been saved by a sniper drone team.

This was how I felt playing a game today. Of course, my life wasn't saved by the sniper drones, but they won the battle for me. My Kroot had been shot down, and my plan was based on those Fire warriors getting into a good position to shoot, and they wouldn't have survived if it weren't for those snipers. They were definately the men of the match. Not only did they save my fire warriors, but they drew a lot of fire from a squad of scout snipers and severly weakened the right flank of space marines by shooting them down.

In the game before, against Imperial Guard, my snipers literally prevented my opponent from winning and forced a tie. They just sat back the whole game marking up units for my fire warriors and pinning down squads of guardsmen, effectively rescuing an expensive squad of stealthsuits from close combat, and eventually they shot down the last enemy unit sitting on the objective.

Lets look at the basic facts of sniper drones. They come with a networked markerlight and three rail rifles, all of which can shoot at seperate targets. So potentially, one unit of sniper drones can pick off three enemies, pin three units down and light up a fourth unit, spelling it's doom all in one turn! The main rifles hit on a 4+, only if they're not assisted by the spotter's networked markerlight, and can even fly through power armour and have a pretty good chance at taking down light vehicles. The spotter has a targetting array and his markerlight can benefit the snipers or other units. The unit has a decent average armour save and are protected by a stealth field generator, making sure that the only way they're going to die is if the enemy gets in close, and if you pick your sniper shots carefully that won't happen anyway. And you get all of this for only 80 points a team! Bargain!

The sniper drone teams main downside is that they don't count as a scoring unit, which won't matter in most situations anyway. By the time you realise that you need a scoring unit on an objective, chances are the snipers won't make it in time.

One thing that really struck me about sniper drone teams is that you can take three of them as a single heavy support choice. This means that you can have nine sniper shots flying around each turn and still have room for two hammerheads! I seriously can't imagine how I ever played a game without them!

I really hope that this has convinced you to at least try sniper drones out. In my opinion, they are one of the best units in the game, you just have to know how to use them. For more information on sniper drones, I recommend reading this tactica by Ollanon - http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=22225.0

All the best, and I hope those little snipers do you well,

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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

I love snipers as well. I played 2 games with them and I just love them. I dont care wether they good point wise or mathhammer wise, I just love them
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

Yay, someone agrees with me!

Anyway, sniper drones are good everything-wise! Point-wise, damage-wise, making-up-for-points-cost-wise and mathhammer-wise (I think)!
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

I love my sniper drones too.

Just how lethal they are against 'Cron heavy destroyers.
And how they beat the living crap out of Land Speeders that rush for the objective. The look on that guy's face when two marines were gunned down and his speeder turned into a fireball, all from one unit. Then his incredibly lucky (double six) roll for spotting the next turn.

Mathhammer wise, iirc, they go best with assault marines, land speeders and a side of rhinos.
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

I agree wholeheartedly. I think that Sniper Drones are indespensible. There are just too many reasons to use them. For the discerning anti-Marine (and the like) player out there, you simply can't go without them (well you can, but I bet things go harder). I use at least two teams in all my games, three if I can spare the points. Almost all I play against is Marines, so I use them all the time.
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

Only reason I haven't used them is that they conflict with my current mechanised approach. If I ever ran another hybrid list it would probably include the lil beeping sharpshooters
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

I love them to. I have three units and the fact that they only take up one heavy slot is brilliant. However that being said I only use them sporadically now as I play pure mech and though I do find they have a place in a mech list (For there marker lights helping a fof is brilliant) it is always a tough choice to trade out a hammerhead or skyray as these are our main source of anti tank.
Our problem is that all our heavy support is brilliant. Could you imagine snipers as elite.
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

Love em with static, hate em with mech. Not because they go badly with mech, but because a third hammerhead is more critical.

Oh as elites, they would be ungodly. Probably explains why they aren't. =P

Another fun tactic, though not one Ive had great amounts of luck with, is taking three sniper teams, three stealth teams, a kroot squad, the minimal FW squad, and deep striking the HQ. Deploy your FW out of LOS of anything, and infiltate your kroot into a large wood. Targets for your opponents on early turns = none.
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

Horray Hybrid! I use 'em, great little guys. Nothing quite like wiping the smile off a marine players face when they discover the 3+ save they paid for is unusable. Makes 'em stick to cover like the rest of us.
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so what your saying is that oven cleaner can remove paint from plastic models? and after that, you take a toothbrush to your plastic model, and the paint just comes off?
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Default Re: Sniper Drones - My new favourite unit

i had a story. my friend who plays eldar was bragging on how he gets +2 cover saves and a range of 36 about the same as the sniper drone. so i said to him. Thats nice but i have a save too. my stealth. if we are both 36 inches away i can reduse the cover save with my marker light and he has to roll double 6's to even See me.

The sniper drones i think of in this perspective
~Pins down weak hordes of guys
~blows past +3 armor saves

Remember that is the secret with any thing with stealth. distance is your save.
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