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Crisis Suit queaston
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Crisis Suit queaston

If a suit was to take a TL weapon + another weapon (diffrent) and a Multi Tracker...would he be able to fire them all? For example...TL Flamers + a Plasma Rilfe and a HW-Multi Tracker. I just wanted to know if this would a be a legal weapon combo.

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Default Re: Crisis Suit queaston

yes it would be legal. By linking a weapon it counts as one weapon that takes up two spaces. Many players use linked missile pods and a plasma rifle on 'vre with a hardwired muilti for added firepower in either a death rain or fireknife squad. I personally like to use a HW muilti, linked burst, and A.F.P. on a monat 'vre for total hoard killing power.
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