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Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

get twelve fire warriors and EMP it. IT's statistically one glance, and that will hopefully immoblize it so next turn all twelve hit automatically >
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

The one problem with EMPs is that the attacking unit is going to get fried by the Flux Arcs if they can't kill the Monolith in the first go. The more units you send against it, the worse the damage will be. EMPs are an act of desperation. It may help to be prepared with them, but you shouldn't plan on using them unless you lose all of your Railguns early (and you should take more than one to keep this from happening).
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

While I don't play Necrons or Tau, I have fought them before and I actually have watched a couple of matches of those two. What I've learned? Watch out for that Monolith.

Story time: I was down at the local GW and watching a game of one of the employee's Tau mechanized force against a Necron army. Everything was going fine till the Monolith came in via Deepstrike. It killed, in the process of landing, two Railheads, three Devilfish, and forced a Firewarrior squad to fall back through his Lord who had just (I think) Phase Shifted (pretty sure that's what it's called) over there. Then it disembarked it's Warriors and it proceeded to kill a Piranha. Ouch. One turn and over half of the Tau force is dead.

In a situation like the Tau player was in, I don't think there's a way to possibly win. If the Monolith wasn't Deepstrike-d into the middle of your army, then I think assaulting it sounds like the best option. The Gue'vesa meatshield (while not the fluffy-est sounds tactic) also sounds plausible. While the Gue'vesa are absorbing fire, then smash that 'Lith with all the Markerlights and Seeker Missiles you can possibly fill the air with.

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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

The best thing to do when facing Monoliths is completely ignore them. If you want to win your best off directing your firepower at his Necron Warriors, or Necron units that count towards 'phase out.'

Monoliths are one of the most resilient tanks in the game, and unless if you have amazing luck, or you are clinically insane, leave them be. The only 'quick' way to dispose of them safely is the Railgun, otherwise just ignore it. Simple.
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

Monos are usually 1 shot deals when DS. While they can wreck havoc when they DS, the next turn, it's dead. Period. As said before, EMP grenades work wonders. And if you're desperate, use seekers and fusions (though they don't work very well...).
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

Originally Posted by AdmiralClarke
Are there any ways to avoid the Monolith?
ITs been mentioned but the easiest way is to just phase out, monoliths suck up a huge amount of points, my neighbor plays necrons and he likes to bring both the Deciever and a monolith but thats huge points wise ( I think a Ctan is in the neighborhood of 400 points) Either way other than phasing out a broadside team should take it out if you get a clean shot. Again phaseout is always an option and if hes new to necrons like you say you might know his rules better than he does use that against him.
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

In my opinion, a railgun is a very important part of a tau army no matter what enemy you are facing. if you really love the ionhead, then you should consider taking 2 hammerheads with ion cannons, and a squad of three broadsides as your heavy support choices.

By the way, what exactly is your reason for not wanting to take a railgun or two?
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

I have to agree with Anton. It's the same as facing a Marine list with a Landraider. Try to stay out of range of it, and kill everything else. If you're playing for VPs, then that's a huge amount of VPs tied up in one unit, so instead of popping it, ignore it and get the rest. For example, in a 1000 pt. Marine list with a LR, count yourself as as facing a 750 pt army. Now, 750pts is easy to take out with a 1000pt Tau army. Even if the LR "earns it's points back" as everyone wants, that means you're still 500 pts up. That's still a solid victory, ignoring other victory conditions. With Necrons, it's so much easier, because if you concentrate on his Necron units, he phases out and you win completely. You could be looking at more like 500pts vs. a 1000pt Tau army. Like anything with Tau, it's about prioritizing targets, and sometimes the priority target isn't the biggest target.
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

Tactics really depend on if he's deep striking it or not. Regardless...you want railguns. Not only are they absolutely great at killing monoliths, they deny WBB rolls to pretty much everything unless theres a lord around. And, if there's a lord in range...you can instagib him, too. =P

Also, railguns are great against a wide variety of armies, I highly suggest taking broadsides.

Failing that, a large amount of gue'vsa with emp grenades are your next best shot. Seekers are simply not effective at taking it down. You'll need about seven seeker missiles(and 14 markerlights to launch them) in order to pull off a single glance on a 'lith. That kinda firepower is far better spent working torwards phase out, and a much cheaper unit of FW/gue'vsa tasked with killing it, or at least dying instead of something more critical.
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Default Re: Destroying the Monolith without a Railgun.

OK so the Fusion Blaster can Penetrate a Monolith, I can work with that, I use fusion alot.

So with phaseout, what does it do. I know if you kill 75% of their army they no longer get their 4+ IBB roll. Is their something about it I'm missing? It seems like avoiding the Monolith an waithing for the phaseout is a solid idea if I cant take it out but I'm not 100% sure on how it works.

As for the Railgun question. Its not that I dint want to take it, I never seem to have room for it. I plan on playing Tau Mec. alot once I get a 3rd Hammerhead, so lets say I'm playing games with 2 Ionheads an only one with the Railgun he he get blown away before he gets to kill the Monolith then how do I take it on. An I'm not a big fan of the Broadsides. I have 4 Broadsides but 2 cost just as much as a Hammerhead an I would rather take that.

Once again thanks alot guys, this is a big help I finding things out that I never new or just forgot about. I have not played 40k in years so in some sense this is new to me.
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