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Tau vs. Iron Warriors
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Default Tau vs. Iron Warriors

I have two friends .... that meet every weekend having a battle of 40K ... one plays Tau and the other Iron warriors ... Tau always loose ... always ...always .... always .... And i have a couple of theories, why:

1. Tau has a gap in their weapon "spectrum" against 3+ saves, so they either have to shoot alot with their AP:5 guns or spend loads of points on AP:2 guns.
2. The Tau cannot out-shot the mighty iron warrior arsenal.

Just compare the cost of a regular chaos space marine with a fire warrior ... they have higher stats in every score ... although their gun is a bit worse .... so one-on-one the units are outmatched ... then there is the all-on-one approach ... with the 3+save the marines just shrugs off most salvoes .... plus the marines can get heavy bolters which sprays away the tau ... So How does Tau apply the moving-tactic against Iron Warriors best?
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors


It'd help to have an idea of the lists, but Plasmas, Fusion Blasters and Rail Guns are the way to go, really. Iron warriors are friggin tough.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

Iron warriors are my chaos army and i find that broadsides could cause some major pain agint the iron warriors. And just to be curious what figures are in each army and how many points do they usually play?.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

well the Tau guy's figurines are:
6crisis suits, a commander, an etheral, 3 broadsides, 4 stealth suits, 28 firewarriors, 11 kroots, a kroot ox, a devil fish, 6 path finders, 2 plasma turrets.

and usually they play 1500pts.

The vile and eeeevil chaos-dudes army:
He changes alot but i know that he likes his obliterators and his havocs with 4 heavy bolters,
and alot of normal chaos marines with bolters + lascannon/heavybolter, basilisk, vindicator tank plus a mean and nasty deamon prince.

So with the versatility and toughness of the obliterators he can out shoot any tau or at least suck up a lot of enemy fire.
With the raptors he has a nasty moving fire warrior sprayer.
Plus with the numbers of "cheap" regular marines, their heavy weapons are sort hard to take out. (he usually has 9-10 chaos space marines in one squad). (cost .... max. 200pts or so i have heard, correct me if i am wrong).
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

So i have been calculating on what i am going to use (cuz i am collecting a tau army of my own) .... and i am thinking about:

1. Cheap suits? give each suit only 1 shield drone .... or maybe even don't buy drones ... frees up alot of pts.
2. 1-2 Hammerheads with ion cannons? (S7 AP:3 Heavy 3, should take out some marines, although it seems a bit expensive).
3. at least 1 unit of broadsides.
4. 2 units of fire warriors, (no kroots for me).

Just for fun, desperate fun.
(5. 3 units of stealth suits w. gun drones, (i love massive volleys of many many shots, for the massive cost of 700pts!).)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

btw ... me and my buddy wont use the F(ish)o(f)F(ury) since it seems a bit silly ...
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

(I don't use the FoF either and I rarely lose)

I would suggest against the masses of Stealth Suits though. Outnumber the IW guy by taking 72 Fire Warriors, at least one Fish and take three Broads at least. Also, two HHs will be helpful. Crisis will work out a lot better against IW than Stealth Suits.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

Aye, just calculated how many kills stealth suits would do against reg. marines

54 Burst shots (3unitsx6menx3shotseach).
plus 6 gun drone shots(3unitsx2dronesprunit).

60 shots
1/2 hits (well, the drones have a bit higher chance to hit, but bear over with me on this one).
30 shots left
2/3 wounds
20 shots left
2/3 saves made!!!!!! (curse the bloody diabolic 3+ saves!!!)
6.667 marines dead (6-7 times 14pts ..... sigh, need i say more).
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

cut down on the stealth!!! *There's usually only a few spots on the table where their jetpacks can really eccel, and the weaknesses of the stealth teams will be magnified by the fact that they are most of your army. *I like the idea of 2 squads... but 3! *Also remember hq, and don't take an ethereal unless you have lots of fire warriors (which you don't) *a hh with an ion cannon might kill 3 marines per turn, but a unit of 3 crisis with t-linked plasma will take out 3 at 24", and about 5 at 12". *Fireknife crisis can do even more damage. *The broadsides (with some screening units for protection, and in cover) are excellent at taking out tanks and obliterators, take them.

2 units of fire warriors? *Take at least 3. *they are more effective than you think, and can provide a solid firebase for your more mobile units to operate around.

I'd go with this army;

Shas'el with plasma, missile pod, multi tracker (fireknife config)
3X12 fire warriors with 2 shas'ui, one devilfish (for squad with no shas'ui)
6 stealth
6 stealth
3 broadsides, 2 w/target lock, 1 w/drone controller, 1 gun drone
hh with railgun, burst cannons, target lock, multi, decoy
3 fireknife crisis
that list is 2 points under 1500.

keeping upgrades to a minimum (such as the drones for the stealth) frees up points for more troops. *plus, the broadsides and hh will be able to take on any heavy armor he has, and the obliterators with ease. *after they're gone, the submuntion on the hh will splatter a little less than 1/3 of the marines (on avg) under the template. *the fire warriors can provide covering fire at a distance while hunkering down in cover to aviod heavy bolters with the fish able to rapidly re-deploy a firewarrior squad that should be placed across from the raptors. *The raptors decide to chase you, but you pack up and lead them on a merry chase around the table and into your gunsights. *(Watch it; if the raptors have melta bombs, seriously re-consider this plan) *The stealth and crisis can jet forward and back like so;

1; start behind cover, out of sight
2; jump in front of cover, blow away enemy
3; jump behind cover, out of sight
4; repeat as neccessary

This should not only annoy the h3ll out of him, but do some serious damage. *The stealth's roll to check spotting distance should not be forgotten; even if in the open, your enemy may forget their rule and be stupid enough to target them at range, only to do nothing because they can't be seen.

We all wish you the best of luck against a difficult army. O0
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Default Re: Tau vs. Iron Warriors

If you suspect that the table will not suit 3 units using the jetpack tactic, swap one squad of stealth for 18 fw's. they get the same number of the same st shots pt for pt, but stealth suits are less in number, have jetpacks, and have the spotting distance. In a slugfest, you'll lose. That's where the jetpack/spotting distance come in, where you can outrun assault troops (not the raptors) and stay behind cover, or just about 22" away by jetting backwards after shooting. fw's will just add cheap covering fire for the mobile units.
War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. - General William Sherman
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