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[BatRep] My first one, and it's a win
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Default [BatRep] My first one, and it's a win

I went down to the local (if you can call it that, it's 30 miles away) battle bunker and played my first game with Tau against Eldar.
Both of us don't have finished armies, myself because I just haven't bought the rest and he because... well, okay it's a long story.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the quality of the terrain there. We played on a desert board, and pardon me because the battle was two days ago, the details might be foggy.

Because I didn't have enough minis, the rule was that only 1 troop choice was acceptable if we didn't have any others.

His list:
Farseer w/ Doom

8 Howling Banshees
Exarch w/ Mirror Swords

5 Fire Dragons
Exarch w/ Fire Pike

5 Pathfinders

5 Dire Avengers
Exarch w/ shimmer field and wraithsword or whatever it is

557 pts

My list:
Shas'el w/ plasma rifle, missile pods, multi-tracker, target lock, shield generator

6 Stealths
All have target lock

12 Firewarriors

555 pts

Pardon me- I forgot to add in 3 of his Banshees on the map! I'm sorry, you'll have to just imagine them. Oops.


Black are stealths, pink are firewarriors, dark pink is my commander

Light blue are Banshees, dark blue are Avengers, camo green is Pathfinders, brown is Fire Dragons, and silver is the Farseer

The lakes in the middle were oasises, the triangle at the top left were some ruins, the thing the Pathfinders were on was this massive stone pedestal piece of terrain that went up about a foot. In other words, they were completely exposed. The thing my commander was on was a 3-tiered hill, and the bunch of sticks right next to my Firewarriors was... a bunch of sticks.

He got first turn:

Moved everything forward. The Pathfinders fired at my commander, three of them rolled 1's to hit and the other two failed to wound. That was as close as he came to killing my commander the whole game.

My turn:

Firewarriors killed two Banshees, the rest were out of range. My commander JSJ'ed the Pathfinders, and killed two with his missile pod. I also moved the Stealth's forward.

His turn:

He kept on moving forward. His Pathfinders were now out of LOS of my commander because I had repositioned him during JSJ. Unfortunately, the Fire Dragon Exarch was in range of my Stealths and killed one.

My turn:

Firewarriors had some nasty luck. They only killed two Banshees. The Stealths killed two Fire Dragons, then jumped back a bit. My commander killed another Pathfinder and forced them to fall back.

His turn:

Everything moved forward. Pathfinders made their Morale check and consolidated, and the Dragons killed two more Stealths.

My turn:

Killed another two Banshees with the Commander, and two Avengers with the Warriors. Also brought the Dragons to only 2.

His turn:

Kept moving forward with an excellent Fleet of Foot move, which I truly didn't expect. He nearly made it into CC. In addition, he killed two more Stealths with the Dragons.

My turn:

I unleashed the wrath of Firewarriors with good luck. I killed all the Banshees, and my commander dropped the Dire Avengers to 1 plus the Exarch. I was still in a very bad shape though, because if it hadn't been for the next mistake that he did, I'm sure he would have made it into CC the next turn. The Stealth killed all but the Fire Dragon Exarch.

His turn:

He... fired the Dire Avengers! Using the super-de-dooper Avenger blade storm power, he managed to kill... 1 Firewarrior. Great job. In addition, the Exarch and the Farseer began to get too close for comfort.

My turn:

The commander killed the Dragon Exarch. The Firewarriors killed the Dire Avengers. (of course.)


Victory for the Tau!

My thoughts:

I played very poorly. I didn't move nearly enough, instead I just stayed put and blasted away. In addition, I learned that Stealth Suits are not indestructible, in fact they are anything but. The Dragons used their AP 2 weaponry and slaughtered my squad, especially once I found out that the Stealth Field isn't all that good.

I love missile pods! These things made their points back several times over. I'll definitely use them again. I also love the plas/missile combo, it's good at taking out expensive things like Aspect Warriors.
I also have learned to love JSJ. So incredibly helpful, and allows you to get to cover that might be far away in one turn.

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Default Re: [BatRep] My first one, and it's a win

Huzzah! on a win for the Greater Good!
About your game:

Don't worry if you barely move, it looked like you were playing a combat patrol and the only thing in combat patrol is to kill your opponent. So you really didn't have to move to get objectives.

You are right about stealth fields being not that great, it pretty much only protects from long range shots, which stealths are rarely a target of because they are a short range threat. It would've been better perhaps if you had switched the stealths targets with the FWs targets. The FWs would've been able to shoot the fire dragons from a distance without fear of retribution. The stealths then could've JSJed the banshees and/or the avengers. You just would've had to be careful about keeping your distance from getting charged.

As for your commander there's really nothing I can say, you did everything right with him.

You may have realized this but another mistake your opponent made was putting a doomseer with fire dragons, their high str means they are very likely to wound. The doomseer should've been with the banshees and avengers.

That's my advice, hope it helps, and good luck on future games.

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Default Re: [BatRep] My first one, and it's a win

Congrats on the victory! I also think you shoulda probably switched the stealth and FW targets, but either way it came out pretty well.
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Default Re: [BatRep] My first one, and it's a win

Don't lose faith in the Stealth Field altogether though. The trick is to back the Stealthsuits up with something, (ie, shoot some Firewarriors at the same target for instance) so that the unit they fired at is too badly damaged to do anything to you. The Stealth Field is awesome because most of the time that one unit is all you have to worry about. An opponent generally won't risk firing a big nasty shooting squad (thus potentially wasting his shots if he fails the test) if the Stealthsuits are far away.

It's all about positioning, and supporting fire.

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Default Re: [BatRep] My first one, and it's a win

Thanks for the replies, everybody.

I'll try using that upgrade on my warriors next time around.
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Default Re: [BatRep] My first one, and it's a win

Nice battle.
I thought i'd just add that the Fire Dragons weapons are AP1, not that that makes much difference seeing as there were no vehicles in the game.

Also, the Dire Avenger Exarch's sword is called a Dire Sword.

EDIT: sorry, after posting I realised that this could be classed as Necromancy.
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