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600pt tourney suggestions
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Default 600pt tourney suggestions

In a weeks time I am entering a 600pt tourney. I am going to be using my tau.
My idea for an army currently consists of.
-Fireknife shas'el with TA, HWMT
-Deathrain monat
-12 Firewarriors in a devilfish with Multitracker, TA
-7 Firewarriors with shasui -markerlight, HWTL,
Ionhead with MT TL DP DL

My collection has another 29 Firewarriors, 4 devilfish, Skyray/hammerhead, 8man pathfinder team (2 rail rifles), shas'o, Crisis suit, 6 stealth suits, 3 sniper drone teams.

Not sure what I will be facing, marines are almost a certainty probably some eldar and a couple of guard at least.

Suggestions welcome.
Proper placement of pathfinders portends possible pulse pleasure. - Darklord

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Default Re: 600pt tourney suggestions

I find that my mounted fire warriors usually only get one volley during a game, and spend the rest of the time in the Devilfish. I would suggest dropping enough to get SMS on both your tanks. The SMS will likely be firing from turn 1, and will cause more damage than the four firewarriors you'll need to axe to get the weapons.

If you are not comfortable dropping so many firewarriors, only put SMS on the Devilfish, as it will be closer to the enemy. If you leave gun drones on the Ionhead you can drop the target lock, which will save you some more points. At the beginning of the game have your Shas'El start near the Ionhead. First turn pop the drones off and have them escort your Shas'El. He will be untargetable until the drones are killed off. Do not attach him to the group, just have them near him.

The rest of your list look good. Good luck, and try your hand at a battrep when you are done.
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