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Piranhas? Why not?
Old 06 Apr 2007, 11:17   #1 (permalink)
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Default Piranhas? Why not?

I've been looking around a few of the Tau players at local GW, and have noticed a distinct lack of Piranhas. Namely, I'm the only person using them. I've found Piranhas to be incredibly useful, so I was wondering why this is?
I normally equip them with fusion Blasters and dart them in and out of cover, the one advantage I have is that since no players around my area field them, nobody knows how to deal with them, so melta blasts just open up their tanks pretty quickly. But still, the Piranha is really underestimated, I'd go as far as to say it was one of the most effective units in the Tau Army List.

So, any explanation as to why no love for the Piranha? Is it purely the AV?
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

I personally don't own any pirhana's. not because I don't like them or think that they are not a useful unit more becasue I haven't brought any yet. I think sometimes units like pirhana's can be overlooked for bigger more expensive things and then trying to find a spare X amount of points becomes hard.
That said however I think pirhana's ability to a) drop drones b) fusion a tank and c) claim objectives makes them an awesome unit.
(I really do need to get around to getting a couple of them...)
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

I have a piranha, plan on having two.
But most people don't seem to use them in favour of larger vehicles.

Meh, they're very useful, just read israfel's stuff for that, I just think some people need to see it for themselves
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

I think the Piranha occupies a similar place in Tau lists as the attack bike does in Marine lists. I run 3 squadrons of 2 attack bikes as both anti-infantry firepower and objective grabbing/contesting. It is a cheap uit to do this with, but lacks the 'sledgehammer glamour' of tanks, 6 man las-las, FoF Devilfish, or devastators, which is why it is little used. There will be at least one in my potential* GT list.

*Potential because it will be Tau, Nidzilla or Space Wolves.
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Old 06 Apr 2007, 13:52   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

I recently bought three Piranhas and have used one in the last two games that I have played. I used them instead of a Kroot squad, and equipped them with a TA and FB. In both games I wasn't able to kill anything, but it was able to grab an objective in each game. I think I'm a little scared to use them against anything that isn't armor, because they are so fragile.

The first game was against Eldar and my opponent had only one Falcon. He kept it on his side of the board most of the time, and it was filled with fire dragons, so I didn't want to get near it. I popped the drones off and they took out a couple dire avengers, and harassed his Farseer. Last round it zoomed in for extra points on the take and hold.

Second game was against Thousand Sons. It took the right flank and tried to get a shot off at a predator with two side lascannons and a twin linked lascannon. The predator fired at the Piranha and blew off the FB, and neutered for the game. I sat it behind the predator, that was immobilized and waited for the 6th turn to jump on a loot counter. Never did disembark the drones, they would not have had much of a chance against the Thosand Sons, but I should have since they are free.

So far I like how it has performed, and I will try to using it more frequently against certain armies. My main opponent is Necron, and they are useless against them. I did have to buy some greenstuff to fill in the many gaps from gluing the model together.

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Old 06 Apr 2007, 14:14   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

As a note, if it does get 'neutered', add Flechettes. Then drive it straight in the way of an assault squad. Boom.

Least that's what I always do. Had more than one piranha earn back its points like that.
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Old 06 Apr 2007, 15:10   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

I love my near-kamikaze fusion piranhas. They always seem to get themselves killed, but I'm bloody happy I've taken them when someone sticks a defiler behind a bunch of trees or something
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

I want them a lot. I love the models, first of all, and secondly I can see them being really handy on the battlefield.

I think two things put people off - one is justified, the other isn't.

The justified one, IMO, is that these tiny tanks are really quite expensive. Need I say more? People can't afford them.

The unjustified one, which has already been brought up, is the AV, and the weapon choices. People seem to want tanks to be super heavy killing machines. A front AV of 11?? Eew. Short range weapons? Eew. People think these suck because their stats don't look good on paper.

'I really want to get one (or three :P), but I've never tried them nor do I have one (yet)
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

The issue I have with Pirhannas is the same issue I had with Speeders with Marines. One per box. And a single light skimmer can go down real quick. I see their potential, but to get a good sized squad (3 or more) is $$$. If I could get several in one dump of cash, I'd be more likely to buy them.
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Default Re: Piranhas? Why not?

Read israfels tacticas and what not stickied on this board.
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