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Crisis suit kills lictor & FW almost takes down Hive Tyrant
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Default Re: Crisis suit kills lictor & FW almost takes down Hive Tyrant

Originally Posted by O'D3V'N
Originally Posted by Evisser
Originally Posted by railgun convention
By the way, Evisser, love the poem in the sig. Did you write that yourself or did you just find it somewhere?
Nope. My own creation. My actual first poem and I am proud of it. Even if the meter is "Tiger, Tiger, burning bright."

Originally Posted by O'D3V'N
that poem actually is decent Evissar, did you write it and can I save/credit to you? (I'm a fair use kinda guy.)
I would be honoured if you save it.
Does it have a title? Or should I just go with "Lictor, Lictor, in a tree?"
It's just called "Lictor, Lictor".
Hive Fleet Evisser Commands

The all consuming Y he are beyond the teachings of the Tau va And we Y he are proud of it

Lictor, Lictor, in a tree,
Stupid humans can't see me,
Reach out quick and cut one down,
See the rest all run around.
Quickly kill the last in line,
Hear the rest all squeal like swine.
Cut and slash and hack and slice,
Welcome to my paradise.
Lictor, Lictor in a tree,
No one's left to search for me.
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Default Re: Crisis suit kills lictor & FW almost takes down Hive Tyrant

While all Tau are underdogs in close combat, I fell that drones are the littlest big heroes the Tau have. I can't even remember half the crazy things they've done. I know Demon Princes are not safe from the Devilfishless Frisbees, and the same goes for Grey Knights.

This is not including the silly amount of tanks destroyed on turn 6 to win the game.

Oh, Drones...
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