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Experience w/ O'Shovah
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Experience w/ O'Shovah

I was at adepticon this past weekend and for the Sunday tourney I fielded Farsight and a 22 model HQ. Farsight, 6 Fireknife, 1 BC/CIB, and 14 Shield Drones. All for the low, low price of 920 pts. The first and biggest thing I have to say is that this unit is a pain to move. Esp when you jump during Assault phase.
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Default Re: Experience w/ O'Shavah

Besides being hard to move, what other things can you tel us about. Is the unit worth the points? Did you deepstrike or bound? Was the unit resilient? Did the unit do any damage? What else did you take? Who did you play against?

It is great that you found out that the unit is hard to move, but for some players that might be thinking of using him, a little more information would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Experience w/ O'Shavah

First and only thing you mean, lol...

But damn, 900+ for HQ alone. Was it a 1000 point tourney, or was that all you fielded? ;D

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Default Re: Experience w/ O'Shavah

Im presuming it was at least 1500...after all, you need two troop choices.

In my limited experience, O'Shovah with full retinue is like any other list that puts all it's eggs in one basket. Fun, but fragile. I sorta like him, sorta hate him, if that makes sense.
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