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[BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points
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Default [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Went to my 40k store today looking for a game and found a Fantasy tournament going on. So disappointed I went to leave but found another player who had brought his 40k Eldar force.

Mech Tau Force - 1585
-TL: Missile Pod

2x Fire Warrior Squads (10 Fire Warriors)

2x Patfhinder Squads (6 Pathfinders + 2 Rail Rifles)

4x Warfish

2x Ionheads

2x Broadsides

2x Piranha's
-Seeker Missiles (x4)

Eldar Force - 1700
1x Avatar

1x Farseer (doom, Fortune)

9x Howling Banshees + Exarch

5x Dark Reapers + Exarch

10x Dire Avengers

2x Fire Prism's

1x Wave Serpent (TL: SC, TL: PG)

10x Wraith Guard + Warlock (conceal)

The terrain was 4x4. The forest was area terrain and lvl 3 along with the building in my enemies deployment zone. The rest of the terrain was lvl 2 and the rubble gave a 4+ cover save. I deployed my broadsides and pathfinders in the cover of the rubble on the board and kept my fire warriors mounted up.

Sorry for the pic the room was quite dark.

Turn 1: Eldar
As is becoming custom I lost the roll to go first. My opponent started the game by moving everything forward. The dark reapers occcupied the building on my right flank while the Fire Prisms moved up on my left flank supported by the wave serpent. The Dire Avengers moved up in the woods with the Wraith Guard on their left. While the Avatar moved up behind the Wave Serpent

Shooting phase was rather lack luster. Despite the Eldar technology only one broadside suffered a wound to the plasma shots from the Wave Serpent

Tau Casualties:
1x Broadside Wounded

Turn 1: Tau
My turn started with the skimmers doing their leap frogging maneuver to gain the skimmer rule while the pathfinders and Shas'el remained still.

My right pathfinders markerlit the wraithguard and I proceeded to remove their warlock cover save and kill 2 of them (my opponent was going too fast the first time I shot and I forgot to remove the cover save on my first shots). I unloaded my SMS shots into the Dire Avengers killing 5 of their number while the Broadsides shook the waveserpent. 1 Pathfinder on my left hand side managed to wound the Avatar with his Rail Rifle (GO TAU)

Eldar Casualties:
1x Avatar Wounded (3 wounds left)
5x Dire Avengers
3x Wraith Guard
1x Wave Serpent Shaken

Turn 2: Eldar
My opponent dismounted his Howling Banshees and zoomed his Wave Serpent off 24" back to his deployment zone. The 7 wraithguad, dire avengers advanced another 6" while the Fire Prisms continued up my left flank.

The shooting phase saw the 7 wraith guard try to glance one of the Piranhas but despite hitting 5 times got results of 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 leaving it unharmed.

In the assault phase the howling banshees broke the squad of pathfinders arrayed against them and consolidated 3".

Some how the picture for turn 2 did not get saved.

Tau Casualties:
8x Pathfinders

Turn 2: Tau
Once again my skimmes moved 6+" to get the skimmer rule. I disembarked 1 squad of fire warriors to help deal with the howling banshees. Once again I markerlit the wraithguard and moved on to shooting.

The shooting phase saw me eliminate 6 Wraithguard and the warlock with the combined firepower of the Ionheads and the the rail rifles of my last pathfinder squad. The 2 warfishes and 10 fire warriors eliminated 7 of the Howling Banshees while the broadsides shook one of the Fire Prisms.

Eldar Casualties:
6x Wraithguard
1x Spirit Seer
7x Howling Banshees
1x Fire Prism Shaken

Turn 3: Eldar
The Eldar Avatar moved forward to the Fire Warriors and the Devilfishes protecting them accompanied by the Howling Banshee and Farseer. The Dire Avengers and WraithGuard advanced. The shaken fire prism fled away from the Tau fire power

The shooting phase saw the Avatar and Farseer stun the devilfishes in front of them while the wraithguard shot down one of the Piranhas. The active Wave Serpent fired its star cannons again and killed the wounded Broadside however the Fish of Fury held and the Fire Warriors would be able to shoot again next turn.

Tau Casualties:
1x Broadside
2x Warfish Stunned
1x Piranha Destroyed

Turn 3: Tau
My turn started with the usual Skimmer move. Each skimmer leapfrogging or moving 6+" to gain the skimmer movement. My right flank fire warriors zoomed ahead and dismounted to deal with the Dark Reapers. I turbo boosted one piranha behind the wave serpent thinking I might markerlight it and launch my seeker missiles but changed my mind in the shooting phase. I also jumped my Pathfinder warfish behind the Fire Prism

The shooting phase saw me eliminate the Dire Avengers and remaining single Wraithguard, the fire warriors on my right flank combined with the supporting fire of the warfishes eliminated the Dark Reapers. My Ionheads removed the last 3 wounds off the Avatar while the Broadsides destroyed one of the Fire Prisms gun systems and the Missile Pod crisis suit immobilized the Wave Serpent. The Fire Warriors on my left flank eliminated 2 more howling banshees leaving only the exarch and the farseer.

Eldar Casualties:
2x Howling Banshees
4x Dark Reapers
1x Dark Reaper Exarch
1x Wave Serpent Immobilized
1x Fire Prism (Weapon Destroyed)
1x Avatar Killed
5x Dire Avengers
1x Wraith Guard

End Game
My opponent conceded the game at this point with a handshake. Hard to come up with an MVP, I should have protected my Pathfinders better but I wasn't feeling 100% for the game and didn't like the location as I said it was very dark and in a corner. Overall I am pleased, I have a tournament coming up on May 12th and I am debating taking my Tau or Witch Hunters.

Total Tau Casualties: Total Eldar Casualties:
1x Broadside Killed 9x Howling Banshees
1x Piranha Destroyed 5x Dark Reapers + Exarch
8x Pathfinders 10x Dire Avengers
10x Wraith Guard
1x Warlock
1x Wave Serpent Immobilized
1x Avatar
Tau Win (Massacre)

Not my best report but as I said I was just coming off of chemotherapy from the week and this was my first Saturday out and I wanted to get some gaming in. Hope you liked it and feel free to comment

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Default Re: [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Great game, hope you get well soon. ;D

I'm unused to seeing that many fully assembled and painted models from the proper armies on the field, Novae and I generally end up proxying significant portions of our forces...

Our last 40K game, we were reduced to using unfinished bases to represent Novae's Kroot Mercs!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Indeed, great game, and we are all pulling for you!

Wow, beating an enemy so thoroughly in 3 turns when they outnumber you points wise is quite an achievement.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Wow 8 skimmers on a 4x4...that is BRUTAL I could tell where that was heading the moment I read your army list lol. Very nice batrep!!!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Again, nice report! Good domination from start to finsih. Glad you won so handily!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Your list was very well suited to countering his. The wraithguard are normally very hard to counter for Tau, unless they have pathfinders and a lot of low AP shots, which you did. His expensive dark reapers didn't have viable targets for pretty much the entire game. An Avatar vs. a mechanized army is going to have circles run around it. His prisms were completely outgunned by your anti-tank department.

That said you did a very good job of dictating the game and forcing his foot troops to march through an open field to do anything, and containing and destroying his banshees.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Mech Tau vs Eldar - 1700 Points

Great report as always, from your reports i've decided to take up a list as Mech tau, working great so far

Keep up the fight for the Greater Good!
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