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my first tau army!
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Old 10 Feb 2005, 01:43   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default my first tau army!

noob here... anyway heres my tau armysummary)
hq: ethereal

3 stealth suites
3 crisis suites #1TL fusion gun, plasma rifle HWmulti tracker
#2 Fire knife
#3TLmissle pods, plasma rifle HW multi tracker

11 sash'al
1 sashui
1 sashui with markerlight

heavy support:
1 broadside sash'vre TLsmart missle system multi tracker
Hammer head burst cannon, rail gun, the thing that re roals immobilisation, anmd multi ntracker
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Old 10 Feb 2005, 02:03   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: my first tau army!

I'm not an expert or anything, but I'm pretty sure everyone's gonna tell u to drop the ethereal...
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Default Re: my first tau army!

not me, keep it !!

I find them quite effective !!!

Just don't kill him
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Default Re: my first tau army!

Normal crisis can't take hard-wired systems, so mount the multi-trackers directly and ditch the extra linked weapon. Smart Missile Systems are never twin-linked, even on hammerheads. The broadside must have the TL Railguns on one hardpoint. Upgrading him to Shas'vre isn't normally worth the points. I would ditch the markerlight on the one Shas'Ui. Without a Target Lock, he can only fire it at waht his squad is shooting at. It would be better off on the stealth team. I would also suggest that you bond the battlesuit teams.

If you can, mount at least one of the Fire Warrior squads in a devilfish. It couldn't hurt to go over the Fish of Fury sticky up top.

I personally don't like the ethereal in games this small, although he is the cheapest HQ option. If you do use him, try to hide him in a bush and hope your opponent forgets that he is there (not likely).
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Default Re: my first tau army!

Overall it seems like an good list.

But plz write out the real names on the wargear,
and please check spelling before submitting!
Then perhaps some total points on the army, so we know if its 900, 1000 or what ever point size you play..

Just a few guidelines to go with.
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Default Re: my first tau army!

ok, points costs for the final squads are manditory, a better layout of the upgrades would be nice and a points value for the game would help.

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