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Lonely's last words of wisdom
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lonely tau
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Default Lonely's last words of wisdom

Alright, now as I have announced to a few people (only one or two of which are associated at all with this site), I am finally retiring from the gaming aspect of the hobby. There are many various reasons for this treason, but I will say that the top among them is that I have finally grown weary of just gaming in general, and so I am out to experience the other elements involved with the hobby (mainly writing more fluff, painting, and building terrain). I was thinking of how best I could leave you all with the last of my gaming expertise, and so this thought came to mind. “I’ve been playing generally the same list for 4 years, I know I have some tips on it.” And so I leave you with the last article for a long time, but definitely not the absolute last.

Mech Tau- The Elite

It can be said that I concentrate on a mainly Mechanized force, occasionally I have added a couple of Crisis Suits in there and I don’t really like to leave home without my stealths. Of course this has changed over time and my final list has come out to be rather boring and has the “manufactured” feeling to it. This is most likely part in relation to how much more lazy I’ve become, but it may just be random psychosis. Anyways, here is an older list I used to use, and did well with.

Shas'O: Missile Pod, Cyclic Ion Blaster, (hard-wired) multi-tracker, shield generator and stimulant injector=137

stealths (4)-120

12 Fire warriors DF w/ SMS, decoy launchers=225

12 fire warriors w/ DF and Decoy launchers=205

12 fire warriors Shas'Ui=130

Railhead w/ SMS Multi, disruption pods and decoy launchers=180

As some said, a long time ago when I posted this list and was more familiar in the Tau boards “great list” and “I can’t find anything wrong with it.” For the most part, this was when me losing a game was rare, but not completely unheard of.

The emphasis on this list was to hit them where it hurt, use our inherent mobile skills to the best of our advantage. But isn’t this the aim and goal of every mechanized army? Play the game on your terms and see how well your opponent can defend against it? To an extent I believe that this saying is correct, but playing mechanized Tau is slightly different than that, especially this one.

However, let us get back to this list. Most of the roles seem to be self explanatory, don’t they? Well I should hope so. The static Fire Warriors are there to supply a small firebase to fall back upon, assuming planning goes wrong and we need to fall back quickly, along with the ability to make 12 S5 AP5 shots at 30” to soften up an enemy for an attack or to finish them off from afar. The mounted Fire Warriors have the simple role of moving up and engaging, not as difficult task as many would believe it to be, but still not the easiest thing to do, even with the Devilfish to transport them around. Then, second to last we have the suits, for all kinds of general destruction. And finally, we have the hammerhead for all of our vehicular troubles.

The Fire Warriors being static need to be set up in a nice piece of cover, ruins are preferable because of the 4+ cover save, but I have always been under the impression that you should think about the advantages to a spot before taking the cover. This would make taking a piece on the deep left side of the board rather impractical if you were to engage in the middle of the field. These warriors are here to cover the rest of your army, and enough has been said about their biggest problem, where to deploy.

The mounted Fire Warrior teams have a role similar to their static brothers and sisters, however it is just a tad more aggressive. First of all, with the two of them acting as the main force of the army, even in this low pointage of a game, you need to be careful and very wise as to who and what you decide to attack. I personally used a modified FOF tactic, bringing the fishys in as close as I dared to, firing, and then using the drones to pop out and assault the enemy. Moving through that however, you have to give consideration that your main strike force is 24 Fire Warriors within 12” of the opposing lines and 2 Tanks which are helping you block the Fire Warriors and preventing them from being assaulted, to a point. This tactic was very risky and is an awesome thing to use against the few people who use low model count armies or are not at all adept at protecting a flank against such ferocity.

Next, we have the Stealth Suit’s role in my armies. Stealth Suits were heaped into Anti-Infantry firepower role, for obvious reasons. 4 Stealth Suits gets me 12 Burst cannon shots, and against a horde army that is perfect for 120 points. The infiltration ability allows me to get closer to my enemies, and to utilize this I took an opportunity to find the perfect spot to cripple one of the more important squads in mind, and then continue to wreak havoc throughout the lines. These are often my best surprise attack unit.

Finally, on the last for the list of big hitters we have the Railhead. The Railhead is our awesome balance of Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank firepower. A Solid Shot slug will easily penetrate any vehicle, and against the lighter skimmers you’re still glancing quite easily. And for Anti-Infantry power we have that excellent Large Blast template which will normally cover about 5-6 models if your opponent is really smart about it.

Mech Tau-The Elite-4th Edition revision

Here is a list that many people who have seen me play a game or who have just read one of my bat-reps know that I like to field along the lines of. It was a result of my laziness and increased love for tanks because of model count. And so here I give you, the list of my dying days.

Shas’O w/ Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Stimulant Injectors, Multi-Tracker-122

12 Fire Warriors w/Warfish-240

12 Fire Warriors w/Warfish-240

Railhead w/ SMS, MT, DL- 175

Railhead w/ SMS, MT, DL- 175

Total Points: 952

Amazingly enough as it is, I was about 50 points under in almost all of my games, and I didn’t even notice because of how my strategy worked here. This was all just a little bit of an adapted tactic from the first one, however the Hammerheads would always be supporting the Devilfish squads in case of trouble, as opposed to the Fire Warriors in the above list and examples.

So there you have it, in a nutshell my two most often used lists and how I used them to affectively destroy my enemies. If you have any questions regarding this just ask, I like to try and explin my strategies to people.... ;D :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Lonely's last words of wisdom

Nice read, thanks! I don't play Tau myself but my wife is just starting her Tau army and she enjoyed reading it too.

I don't know you at all, but I figured I'd make a suggestion since your interests (painting, terrain modeling) are similar to my own. I'd suggest taking a couple lower level sculpture classes at the local/nearest college - I'm an art student and in my second lower division Sculpture course we did an entire 11 weeks on mould making! Oh man, it was great. For my last big project I built a huge stone keep out of plaster bricks and towers I'd cast from a disposable peppermill and it turned out pretty well. Not that I would ever clone miniatures to sell because it's pretty low, but having the ability and knowhow to cast your own completely original ones and/or modified and/or replicas for whatever is cool. Plus learning how to work with all the materials to do such things made me realize just how many ways there are to make nice miniatures terrain. Granted, my professor sorta scowled when I mentioned what my project was, but hey ;D

Good luck!
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Default Re: Lonely's last words of wisdom

Welcome to the "darker" side of the hobby, Lonely! I haven't played much in the past years, either, mostly because a lot of the people in my area I just don't want to play with. But I find the background/modelling/terrain parts to be way more rewarding than playing the game, as you can share that with everyone, where as a batrep is the only way to share a good game, and maybe 50% of people even read them. The only time I make sure to get out and play now is during campaign season, and I've already got my army's agenda sorted out and it's more of a narrative set of battles than anything else. I'll go in and be like "I need a guard opponent" so I can use the battle to drive the storyline.

Excellent article on the lists as well!
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Lonely's last words of wisdom

Thanks for your comments guys! First of all, the article didn't come out quite as well as I had hoped it would, but it's still a lot of text, and I guess that is good :P

@ Uggybug: Good to hear someone new enjoyed reading it, if you ever have any questions just P.M. me with them and I'll see what I can do. As for the class, it sounds like a great idea and luckily enough for me I'll have a LOT of time on my hands now!

@Dal'Yth: Expect P.M.s from me, I love your work. and thanks for the welcoming to the Dark Side ;D

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Default Re: Lonely's last words of wisdom

Look forward to hearing from you, Lonely!
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