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New Tau Army
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Default New Tau Army

I've had these models sitting in the dust for a while so I decided "Hey, they're a really good army and they look cool". I'll be getting the codex tomorrow. Give me opinions on what I should work with.

Aun - Nothing

Stealth Team - All with Stealthsuit, Improved Sensors, Infiltrate.; Burst Cannon (4),
-One Shai’sui w/ Drone Controller and One G. Drone
Crisis Team
C1 - Plasma Rifle, Missile pod, Shield Generator, and Multitracker (Hard Wired)
C2 - Plasma Rifle, Missile pod, Multitracker, Drone Controller (HW) with Two G. Drones

Fire Warriors - All Pulse Rifles (12)
Fire Warriors - All Pulse Rifles (12)
Fire Warriors - All Pulse Rifles (12)

Heavy Support
Hammerhead - Railgun; Burst Cannon, Targeting Array, Multitracker
Broadside - Shield Generator, Multitracker (HW)
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Default Re: New Tau Army

My first feeling is that yo lack crisis suits here. and then some transports for the FW. the list itself is good but get 2 more crisis so you can make 2 units with 2 in each! then 2 transports and another unit of FW should do it for you.
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