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1000pts Army vs 'Crons & Spack Marines
Closed Thread
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 1000pts Army vs 'Crons & Spack Marines

Heya All,
Can I get some feed back on this list.

HQ : 157pts
shas'o : missile pod, fusion blaster, plasma rifle, HW MT, HW DC : 2 shield drones.
Blerb : I love his 5 BS and I love his ability to use any of 3 weapons, shield drones for lastability.

Elites : 216pts

2 lots of 2 crisis suits.
each suit has, TL plasma rifle.

Blerb : just to keep costs down, I love AP 2 weapons. And BS of 3 I think it crapola, so I TL them.

Troops : 336pts

1 Fire warrior sqaud, with leader, and DF

1 kroot squad of 18 base kroot.

Blerb: I need mobile troops, I realize that, and I love kroot also. I love to iniltrate them, and love their charge! Thats if they dont flee from crappy 7 ld

Heavy Support: 290pts

2 HH, Ion Cannons, Dual Burts Cannons, MT, and DL.

Comes to 999pts.

All Advice please.

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Default Re: 1000pts Army vs 'Crons & Spack Marines

drop the drones on the shas'O they actually make him die faster due to majority rules.

you have to add a 3rd weapon system to the crisis teams, may I suggest a flamer?

add 2 more kroot for streamlines sake to make 20

make one HH railgun to cover your woeful lack of antitank.

that should fix it.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1000pts Army vs 'Crons & Spack Marines

If your playing a game of 500 crons and 500 marines vs you i would not take a RG, simply because

they are too expensive in small pts games, however if not take the RG because the necron will

have scarabs, and i want to see the look on his face when you kill all of them in one submunition

blast. No drones becuase then your character loses his Independent Character status. Try to

infiltrate kroot against marines and just shoot out of trees, becuase you can benefit from the 4+

cover save though beware of flamers. Though assault the necrons they suck in CC. Give the

DF DL and give the HH TL, because nothings better then being able to shoot all your weapons.

flamer sounds nice on the suits becuase it seems you have a problem with rolling 4+ to hit. Oh

yea more kroot like dizzy says, and if you drop the FW leader and make the Shas'o into a shas'el

you would have 970 with 2 ion cannons and 990 with an ioncannon and railgun,
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