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Tau fighting the nids.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau fighting the nids.

My brohter owns around a 3k point tyranid army. hes has 4 fex's a HV, many warriors and synapse units. i on the other hand like to use my tau to fight him. we happen to be on a even wins and losses against each other.

What i don't like when i lose is just pure luck , on his behalf. by the time my tanks and a couple of other squads take care of his bigger creatures, the smaller synapse units get up close and personal. my firewarriors can't stand it, and my few squads of kroot also get overwhelmed, what can i do to prevent this from happening? ???
Thanx, Fasor'ith
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tau fighting the nids.

Well i play tau and i never lost a game against nids :P

Use your realguns to get the big ones and use all your s5 ap5 weapons to round up the smaller ones. You know he cant save your pulsfire so get alot of it!
Also kroot are a bad idea becouse you don't want to be in CC when your fighting nids. When a unit is about to charge you FW try to block them whit a devilish or hammer. If you dont have one close and can't block the charge then move away. Hit and run comes to mind. FW whit cabines or drones will do that just fine but don't forget the fleet ability of the nids. Also i find the Airbuster to be a really good weapon!

just my to cents
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