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My Next Mini-Project...
Old 27 Mar 2007, 03:31   #1 (permalink)
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Default My Next Mini-Project...

Hey everyone... I have had an idea rattling around in my head for a while, and I wanted to share it with you.

I recently sent an email to the folks over at Forgeworld, and it turns out that they have no plans for any new Tau stuff. So I figured i would make something new myself.

Its a piece of equipment for the Tau Stealth suit, Here are the stats.

Charged Impact Blade

20 pts. Counts for the first turn of combat as a power weapon, after the second turn it counts as a two-handed weapon. Replaces burst cannon.

I know how to model the thing, the question is this, Who in the squad should get it? just the squad leader? a shas'vre? or the whole squad?
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Default Re: My Next Mini-Project...

but but but.... Tau.... and their not assaulting.

I won't even go near that dead horse, (regardless of if my bat is in hand)

20 points is I suppose around the right points cost, though if even to stretch the imagination it would have to be a special issue item, given only to the stealth leader I suppose, Stealth teams make the best of it since they're supposed to be kind of sneaky and get relatively close.

If I may make the suggestion that you should defineatly use the older stealth suit models for this conversion, they are FAR more ninja-y than their new egg headed counterparts.

This, as always, has just been my two cents.
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Default Re: My Next Mini-Project...

If its special issue, then we need to give stealth suits access to special issue items.

Personally, I think a special issue power weapon would be reasonably fluffy...I mean, in the taros campaign, the tau had to have aquired a fair amount of them, and a battlesuit certainly has the power to run one. The lack of skill with such weapons is adequately represented by the abysmal WS of tau troops. From a balance standpoint, I feel that a single power weapon per army isnt unbalancing...but making them widely available definitely would be.
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Default Re: My Next Mini-Project...

I'd say Team Leaders. It therefore restricts them and it would be impossible to get too many of them, but you could have 2...

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Default Re: My Next Mini-Project...

Special issue for any thing like that. Resricts the amount and puts them on characters that can give a beating in HtH.

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Default Re: My Next Mini-Project...

Its been over a year since i've been here, an people are still trying to do this, just... no. Power weapon is abit much in my opinion.

Seriously, Only in a Farsight army can ya get away with this. An that would only be special issue at most.

Edit: Maybe have this on a special Stealth character? That'd make the fact it's a power weapon more justifiable, but that would probably too akin to Farsight.
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Default Re: My Next Mini-Project...

I didn't ask for flames..

And Stealth suits are pretty nasty in CC, 2 attacks at ST 4, don't dis it

I am making it stealth suit only because they would be the only ones who are 'outlandish' and 'lone wolfy' enough in the army to need such equipment
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