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SMS going off...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default SMS going off...

Hi there...

I want to build one of my Broadside battlesuits into a pose where it is shoots missiles from its Smart Missile System (positioned on top from FW). Inspired by the great article here on TauOnline about converting vehicles I saw a way to convert it into lookin like exaust smoke trailing from the missile...Now I wonder what colour to paint that smoke?

My first impression is that the smoke should NOT be black, as that is the colour of smoke from a burning wreck; oil, rubber paint, etc.

Now looking at a couple of pictures from my Google-search on FFAR (Folding Fin Aireal Rocket) and Tomahawk missiles I see that the smoke from such a launch is very light grey, almost pure white....with little red/yellow/orange from the exaust flame...So should'nt the light grey/white option be the one that I go after when I finally get to paint my SMS launch?

Furthermore...What colour is the eyes of the Tau race...As I have a helmet-less head to paint on some of my Firewarriors?

And last but least...What would be the color of Tau blood...as I have to make some downed injured Air Caste Pilots?

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Default Re: SMS going off...

If you think you can pull off the light smoke, go for it. I personally would think that the Tau would design their missiles using ducted plasma, leaving little to no exhaust at all, and would just paint up a short flame-trail.

Tau eyes aren't really that important. When I paint up my Tau, I never apply color in there as it just looks messy. Given that they have bad eyesight but good night vision, I would think that their eyes would be all black anyway. Just drybrush the heads and it should look fine.

And tau blood is widely believed to be a bluish hue. I remember reading information that someone had researched on hemocyannins (lobsters have blue blood.)
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Default Re: SMS going off...

Tau blood is either blue or red, depending on who you believe. A little more support for blue in the Black Library works.

Tau eyes are usually painted as black with a red or gold center.

The color of smoke is an indication of the impurities in what is being burned. It indicates imperfect combustion. So you would want something pretty light for a missile.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: SMS going off...

Actually, if you play DoW, it's light blue plasma exhaust, looks pretty cool imo

And i hate helmetless Tau, i just find their helmets so much better, then again i hate any race or person without a helmet if they can use one, Making them vurnable to being head shotted (I mean if it were RL)
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Default Re: SMS going off...

I'd agree. It doesn't make much sense for Fire warriors to be running around just that little bit more vulnerable. I doubt FW's would do so unless the helmet was lost somehow. Same goes with The Eternal, GW, a +4 at least.

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