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Interesting switch
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Default Interesting switch

I was playing against a friend, Tau vs Chaos, the other day. I was rolling typically as I do for tau, too low for anything I needed, and he was rolling typically for space marines - exactly what he needed. After the battle, after some face rubbing and taunting me, we switched armies.

I promptly proceeded to walk all over him.

What was really funny about this, was that his dice started rolling Very Terrible for him as the tau, and I started making all my armor saves...
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Default Re: Interesting switch

I can believe that. Playing with Space Marines or their spikey variants can teach you a lot of bad habits about the game, such as not using cover or not worrying about ranges too much. You start relying on your statline to carry you through a lot of situations. Pretty hard to do that with the Tau.
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Default Re: Interesting switch

I tried that to! only it was tau v.s tyranids, and I lost. :'(
I bring you reasoning to parlay on behalf of the Greater - AGH! OH DEAR AUN! THE BURNING BIO-ACID!"
*Sounds of Tyranids chowing down.*
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