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Rapid Fire
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Default Re: Rapid Fire

Yeah, seems like a good tie-up, but nothing I would consider to use in my mech-force. Assaulty units are most easy to deal with per skimmer wall and FOF-counter^^. But in a static or hybrid army that guy could really be useful.

Gamestatistics 07:

[WHFB] Dwarfs
9 victorious slaughters/ 7wins/ 5 draws/ 7 losses

[WH40k] Tau
17victorious slaughters/ 10wins/ 2draw/ 1 loss
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Default Re: Rapid Fire.

Originally Posted by The Orange

Pg. 55 in the BGB. Last paragraph under Jet Packs.
Got it, thanks for the clarification. I'm only up to about page 28 so far so I hadn't come across it yet.
Just a fox, a whisper.

Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
D10s all the way. For honour! For glory! For non-repeating roll-probability percentages!
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