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Question on Hammerhead drones
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Default Question on Hammerhead drones

Quick question.

I never thought about it until an old Tau player (1st ed and hasnt played in years) pointed out that the SMS drones cannot disembark.

I generally play them that they can detach and run around freely (the bane of my friend's existence). But then I looked back at the codex, and all it says is that they are hull-mounted.

This would indicate that they cannot detach, but the rules book is not help there either.

The tau codex explains how the gun drones detach, but what about the SMS drones?

Can they detach or not?
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Default Re: Question on Hammerhead drones

There is no such thing as SMS drone. They atr turrets that resempel Drones... Read the codex again and you will notice that you can choose to have gundrones or SMS sustem for the tank. ie. The SMS is PART of the tank.

SMS "drones" cannot detache.

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Default Re: Question on Hammerhead drones

that makes more sense.
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Default Re: Question on Hammerhead drones

Also note that the burst cannons aren't drones either, they're turrets.

One final thing, remember the hammerhead has one Smart Missile System. It gets 4 shots, not 4 from each "drone"
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