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Does it matter...
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Old 08 Feb 2005, 12:03   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Does it matter...

Does it matter which weapons/wargear you put on a crisis suit?
I don't have acces to magnets but i'll probably wait to get them anyway.
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Default Re: Does it matter...

Yes, if you play WYSIWYG

Although, on a side note, I don't use magnets at all, once the model is painted and as long as you didn't glue the weapons/support systems in, they should fit in the slots nicely without any extra work!
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Old 08 Feb 2005, 18:20   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Does it matter...

yes, it does matter what weapons you put on, [ maCe ] made that clear by saying that one regularily plays WYSIWYG...and if you don't want to go to magnets* :-\ (after all, I did post it here on the website...but that's alright) then I suggest put a dab of paint into the arm/shoulder slot and then stick the weapon in before you play a game, that way you can choose weapons and remove them after words without having to worry about any glue and what not damaging the arms/shoulders...*takes a deep breath*...that's what I did until like my 20th game some paint started to build up inside and I couldn't get the weapons in anymore!!! *insert violin here** *:-[
Definately get the magnets on the suits, as it will save you a lot of heart-ache later.
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Old 08 Feb 2005, 20:34   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Does it matter...

Except for the fact that weapons fit just fine the weaponslots without any fresh paint or such!
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Default Re: Does it matter...

You also should have some spare arms from broadsides.* I like attaching other weapons to those and then sticking a dab of blue stuff in the socket.* Not quite as much flexibility as with the magnets, but I like the way it looks better.
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Default Re: Does it matter...

kharnaris has good Ideas, too bad new players should stay away from BS.

they fit in without any troue once painted, but magnets are really useful.

and if you must glue, lue in fireknife, that way you dont screw yourself .
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