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The Valkyrie's Mark
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Default The Valkyrie's Mark

The terror of the little red dot has been the subject of suspense for the past generation. That little tell-tale mark could signal anything: the sight of a sniper's fire, a target painting for an air strike, or even just range-finding for distant weaponry.

And the Tau are the only ones who use them.

The markerlight is the most valuable "tool" supplied to the Tau army, taking the place that Psycher powers do in others forces.

Like all Tau weaponry, they are reliable, compact (though a bit limited..."I can see the dot too, why can't I get coordinates?" said one Shas'la to the other), and while dedicated in their role fulfill said role better than most. I love these little suckers. 2+ cover saves? Nope, you don't get any. Hordes of rhinos pounding in on you? Seeker missiles into the side armor, baby! So long as you can trace sight to the enemy, they will not be safe.

One effect that I have not understood is the leadership deduction. One would think that the unit, having photon grenades screaming in around them, plasma-charged projectile ribboning their comrades, and rail-rifles splashing soldiers across the field, would want to either A.) duck and cover, OR B.) flee in terror, rather than just ducking.

This would truely maximize the potential of the markerlight. Being able to hold back a unit of non-fearless/stubborn models by pushing them back (something almost every other army has the potential to do) would be more usefull than POTENTIALLY pinning.

Say you hit a unit of marines with a sniper team. Supported by a single squad of pathfinders you get 4 Marks, plus the bs4 mark from the spotter. Use two to boost accuracy to BS5, and the rest on the leadership. More likely than not, at least two will wound and kill them. Leadership check at Ld 5-6, not very fun. But suppose it also killed enough to reach 25% casualties? I would think that they would still be shocked by the force of the enemy's fire, and be more inclined to fall back to a safe distance. Ld 5 morale check?

However, the CURRENT markerlight ruling makes each markerlight apply to only a single squad. By the CURRENT ruling, that effect would not fit, as 25% casualties are evaluated from all the shooting done during that phase. Nevertheless, I still think this is a valid effect for markerlight users and should be something implimented in the game. Any thoughts or opinions?
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Default Re: The Valkyrie's Mark

The reduction in leadership for pin tests is fairly simple, and i will describe it as thus.

"Hey, Frank, nice little red dot on your armor, how did you paint it so bright?"

"What little red do--"


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Default Re: The Valkyrie's Mark

That sort of gets into what pinning represents. If you are taking fire from a sniper, the last thing you want to do is run away. You don't know precisely where the shots are coming from, so you are going to get as low to the ground as you can and hope that your cover is enough. With Markerlights, the psychological effect is even worse. Because you can see the marks, you know that your enemy can see you. You are even more likely to take cover than you would be otherwise. This is why Markerlights effect pinning tests, but not Morale tests.
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