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Markerlight Question
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Markerlight Question


Lets assume the following:

My squad of eight pathfinders put 4 markerlight hits on my enemy's rhino containing a tactical squad. Then my broadside uses 1 of those hits to guide his weaponsystems and hits and destroys the imperical vehicle spilling a full tactical marine squad all over the place.

Q: What happens to the remaining 3 unused markerlight hits?

Are they gone as they targeted the Rhino (that don't longer exists) OR can they be used to augment the to hit rolls on the entangled marines as they are part of the unit containing the dedicated transporting Rhino?

My personal reason of mind goes along with the first solution...but Im in doubt...

Enlighten me Ethereals!

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Default Re: Markerlight Question

The markerlights can only be used on their original target, if that target is destroyed they cannot be moved to another target under any circumstances.
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Default Re: Markerlight Question

Unfortunately, yes. The tank, which was being lighted, is not the same unit as teh squad of marines inside. YOu would have to use additional markerlights, firing at the marines after they disembark entangled
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 89
Default Re: Markerlight Question

K - Thought so...


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