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[Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts
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Default [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

Tau Vs Eldar 1500 Pts


D'yanoi 20th Air Cavalry Suam'Sha Cadre

Shas'O D'Yanoi Shas'Nan “Fireblade”
Shield Generator
HW Multi Tracker 132

Fireknife 7
HW Multi-Tracker 78

Twin Linked Fusion Blasters
Targetting Array 63

6 Stealth Shas'ui 180

12 FW
Ui'B'kak 130

12 FW
Decoy Launcher
2 Seeker Missiles 245

Fast Attack:
8 Gun Drones 96

8 Pathfinders
Smart Missile System
Decoy Launcher
2 Seeker Missiles 241

Heavy Support:
Hammerhead Gunship
Burst Canons
Target Lock
Decoy Launcher 170

Smart Missile System
Target Lock
Decoy Launcher 165

Total : 1500


Avatar of Khaine

Fusion Blaster, Power Sword, Jump Generator

9 Fire Dragons, with Exarch (Firepike)
Wave Serpent with TL Bright lances

20 Guardian Defenders,
Warlock with Conceal, Missile Launcher

10 Wraithguard, with Spiritseer

5 Eldar Rangers, with Warlock

Heavy Support:

Vyper Jet Bike, with Scatter Laser

5 Warp Spiders,
Exarch with dual Spinnerets

Heavy Support:
4 Dark Reapers,
Exarch with Tempest Launcher,
Waveserpent ???
with TL Starcannons

Fire Prism

Falcon with Scatter Laser

Wraithlord with wraithsword and brightlance.

So... the eldar player was not fielding a legal army (one too many heavy support...) and I'm not sure he even know how many points he had... (anyone want to check?). In any case, we began the battle...
Set up and Deployment: We rolled for missions, getting an Alpha Level Recon as our mission. I also had to deploy first. The board was set up with 5 large buildings around a central square with a fountain, and a smattering of other cover. I chose to create a refused flank, deploying the bulk of my army in and behind the buildings on my left. I deployed Ui'B'Kak , and my 2 Shas'vres in the building in the center of my deployment zone, and finally, the drone squadron to my right flank, for harrassment purposes. The Eldar deployed his heavy skimmers to the center, along with his wraithbone wall, dark reapers, and Spiders. His pathfinders deploy deep into the building to my right, while the Fire Dragons and their Wave Serpent deploy to my extreme right. The Guardians, Avatar and Vyper deploy to my left, in and around the building in his deployment zone. After my Pathfinder scout move, we roll off for turns. I win, and decide to go second.

It had been barely two weeks since the Tau, under the command of Shas'O D'yanoi Shas'Nan had taken Hive Tertius from the Imperial Forces. However, the Gue'la had been quick to counter attack, and now a new threat had arrived surrounding O'Shas'Nan and his cadre, and cutting them off from the rest of the Tau forces. This new threat, it seemed was much more potent than the Gue'la, as several cadres had already fallen under the onslaught. It was now imperative that he and his cadre breakthrough, and get out of the city, to regroup with the rest of the Tau contingent. His battle plan had been barely formulated when his communicator squawked: “O'Shas'Nan, we have spotted enemy forces, approaching from the west. They don't appear to be Gue'la... I can make out the silhouette of.. that must be a Wraithlord sir.” Very well then, though Shas'Nan, I was hoping to strike out against the Gue'la, but if the Eldar approach, then I suppose I have no choice. “Ready the cadre for battle!”

First Turn:

General advance of the main body of Eldar troops, as well as everything else.
Seeing as little is in range, the eldar take potshots at my crisis suits, causing no damage.

My gunships pop out from behind cover, and I JSJ my suits, and drones. Shooting is so-so, scoring 4 markerlight hits on the wraithlord, I manage to cause one wound with seeker Missiles, while my stealth suits, static fire warriors and gun drones all take aim at the advancing warp spiders, killing them outright. To my left (south), the hammerhead, with the help of the pathfinder devilfish, and skyray SMS, stuns the vyper with a torrent of burst rounds, and then kills load of Guardians with a devastating submunition round. The Skyray, locking on to the Wave serpent, shakes it, while the crisis merely manage to Stun the advancing wave serpent.

As O'Shas'Nan peered through the morning haze, he could not help to be amazed at the size of the Eldar force. He could make out a monstrous Wraithlord, at least one troop of wraithguard, and numerous heavy skimmers, hovering low and slow between buildings. What's more, is that they seemed to have just noticed his cadre, deeply in cover, as the eldar grav Tanks began blasting his positions. “All units, engage enemy forces!” Within moments, the sky was filled with trails of smoke, as seeker after seeker, and numerous other missiles streaked towards their targets. Soon, streams of pulse fire lit up the streets, in what was to become a withering hail of fire. However, it seemed as though the Eldar were immune to their weapons, as little to nothing could be seen to fall, and the phalanx of troops and tanks kept marching closer. However, on the flank, the armoured thrust began, as the hammerhead and devilfish gunships unleashed a hellish torrent of fire on the Eldar entrenched in a building, though from his position, he could not see just how effective it had been.

Turn 2:

The Guardians reposition themselves, wanting to minimize future pieplate death, while the main body of the eldar army continues to advance. All skimmers move up, aside from the stunned wave serpent.
Shooting is a little more effective, as the Falcon and Wraithlord each manage to claim a Crisis suit, the guardians and avatar shooting at my hammerhead, but failing to do anything.

I continue to manoeuvre my skimmers around, with my skyray and Fire warrior Devilfish just to the left of my center, between two buildings, while the Fire warriors dismount and move into the southeastern building. My hammerhead and Devilfish to the south continue to advance westwards. My shas'O and stealths jump forward, to get whatever targets they can, and the drones jump northwards, hoping to take some shots at the advancing fire dragons.
The drones prove useless this turn, failing priority, and shooting the wave serpent in front of the Fire Dragons. However, my Pathfinders light up the wraithguard, and my Skyray lights up the Wraithlord. The hammerhead, with a clear line of site to the wraithguard, drops a submunition on their head, killing one, while the remaining seekers claim another, and my firewarriors and stealths kill some more. All told, there are only 3 left, with a warlock. My Shas'O targets the unmoved Wave serpent, hoping for an easy kill, but fails completely to even glance the armour. To the south, my skimmers manage to knock out the viper, and kill a couple more guardians.
In the assault move, I move my remaining suits out of harms' way, and the drones into cover, though two crash into the wall and die.

Suddenly, the Grav tanks zeroed in, scoring hits on both Vre'Nars'Olah and Vre'Kais'Ka. With a scream, Nars'Olah's suit was shot from the sky, while Kais'Ka's suit sustained heavy damage. O'Shas'Nan could just barely make out the shape of his Shas'Vre clambering out of the wreck. His troops began shooting back with a vengeance, and once again a hail of missiles streaked across the sky, though this time, they at least manage to utterly destroy one of the silent Wraithguard. To the south, the gunships began to take heavy fire, and they had to manoeuvre wildly to avoid the incoming eldar missiles and beam weapons. All the while, they maintained their incredible rate of fire, punishing the eldar infantry below them, and even taking down a small Eldar skiff with a hail of pulsefire. Just then, a most terrible creature walked out of the ruins. Seemingly made of living lava, this beast added its own brand of firepower against the hammerhead, though yet again, the pilots where able to jink at the last moment, narrowly avoiding a devastating hit.

Turn 3:

The avatar advances towards my exposed skimmers, and the remaining wraiths keep advancing on my static warriors. The rangers and reapers, since they are finally in position to shoot, sit tight, while the fire dragons and their serpent continue their advance, turning onto the street that leads to the central square. The Fire Prism and Star canon wave serpent stay still, while the Falcon moves southwest, hoping to deal with my skimmers.
Shooting, with the rangers and reapers kills off four of my Fire warriors, while the Falcon, wave serpent, missile launcher, and even the starcanon serpent only manage to shake my Warfish. The wraithlord tries to shoot my stealths, but fails to see them, and the fire dragons only manage to kill 2 of my harassing drones.

What does the autarch do in all this, you may ask? He moves up.. moves back, takes a shot here and there, and does nothing in the end. He does take a wound, but that's only to dangerous terrain. So, from now on, I'll just ignore him, though if you see a lone eldar model around, it's probably him.

The fire warriors of Ui'Law'La'Vazz'a advance through the southeastern building, while my skimmers jockey for position around the same building, my warfish taking cover for a turn, and my devilfish deploying my drones. However, I'm careful to not venture too close to the furious avatar. To the north, my harrassment force moves in close against the Fire Dragons, and in the center, I continue to JSJ as best as I can.
Shooting is alright, though in the center, I only manage to kill off one wraithguard, despite the support of my Skyray's Markerlights. The pathfinders fail their priority test, and have to light up the avatar. My skimmers then all combine to cause a single wound. My Crisis commander manages to shake another eldar skimmer, the Falcon. My suits the jump out of harm's way. To the north, my four remaining drones shoot and assault the fire dragons, hoping to keep them busy for a round or two. Charging in, the Dragons manage to down one Frisbee of death, though the remaining 2 bludgeon 2 fire dragons to death. I won the combat, though the eldar don't budge... understandable, since they outnumber the Frisbees almost 3:1.

As the Fire Warriors of Ui'Law'La'Vazz'a scurried through the building behind him, the troopers under the command of Ui'B'kak found themselves hard pressed. They had begun to take a formidable hail of long range fire, and while their cover protected them, they could barely slow the advance of the oncoming wraithbone wall, despite the support of the stealthsuits. However, O'Shas'Nan would have to ignore their cries for reinforcements, for the moment, as he found himself far too busy with the enemy armour. He fired his missiles at the nearest enemy skimmer, and soon heard the satisfying crunch as they detonated on its hull. The surprised skimmer began to manoeuvre quickly and gracefully, hoping to avoid any other incoming attacks, though it was otherwise unaffected. With that skimmer busy, the Shas'O ordered his gunships to engage the flaming monstrosity that had exposed itself. Within moments, his gunships, always on the move, began to pour constant streams of pulse fire at the beast, and volleys of smart missiles pummeled its armoured body. It bellowed in rage as one of the missiles seemed to find a crack in his armour, which seemed to kill its confidence.

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Default Re: [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

Turn 4

* The wraithbone wall and Dark reaper Wave serpent continue westwards towards my Fire Warriors. The Fire Prism and Falcon reposition to be able to take some shots at my oncoming skimmers. The Dark Reapers and Rangers sit tight.
* The wraithlord and dark reapers pummel the Firewarriors, but only kill 2. The snipers try to shoot the Stealths, but are too far, and can't see them. The Eldar Grav Tanks shoot a bunch of blanks at my armour, either missing, or having their shots plink off the armour, except one shot, which manages to stun my Skyray.
* In assault, the Fire Dragons, despite outnumbering my drones, and completely surrounding them, don't manage to get through the tough outer shell of my Frisbees, even once. Then, as if to rub it in, my three drones kill yet another Eldar. The rest of the squad decides they've had enough, and flee 9”. The drones try to consolidate into cover.

* All my gunships move in to engage the southern flank of the eldar. The Fire warriors, desperate to remove some of the wraithbone wall, move in to rapidfire, supported by the stealths. My Commander moves up in support of my Gunships.
* I start the shooting with a priority check for my pathfinders, which they fail, so I shoot my markerlights at the guardians in the southwestern building, which I use to reduce their cover save, and increase the BS of Ui'Law'Vazz'a and his squad. The Fire warriors, and light gunships kill off all the Guardians in range, while the hammerhead targets its burst cannons on the Avatar, doing nothing, while it launches its submunitions at the Dark Reapers, killing one. My commander immobilizes the Falcon. The Fire Warriors of Ui'B'kak kill off the remaining wraithguard, and their Spiritseer, and the Stealths, with no other target, attack the Lord... doing nothing. Finally, my harassment force of drones, fails their priority check, since I wanted to shoot the squishy Fire Dragons. Instead, I fire three shots at the Wave Serpent's rear armour, and manage to Destroy it... what??? My commander manages to stun the Falcon.
* The drones jump behind the tank for cover.

Ever busy with the enemy armour, O'Shas'Nan was able to take a short breather, after jumping behind some cover, to get a really good look at the state of his forces. Looking north, he was surprised to see another Eldar Grav Tank, a transport by its shape, had taken to the skies, in an attempt to be rid of a small pack of drones. Suddenly, a pulse round connected in the rear, and he could see a small explosion, before the large tank plummeted back to earth, trailing smoke all the while. The drones followed it down, and soon he lost sight of them amongst the buildings. In the center of his lines, Ui'B'Kak ordered his squad to advance, in the hopes that rapid firing the large constructs might bring more of them to the ground, and he and his men advanced through cover. At the same time as he opened up, the stealths reappeared, and together, they filled the air between them and the wraithbone wall with a blue cloud of plasma. They wraithguard, despite their toughness, could not help but be obliterated by the fire power, and when the stealths jumped back to cover, only the massive wraithlord still remained. With a sigh of relief, O'shas'Nan jumped back into the action, jetting close to the dazed skimmer, which was still manoeuvring wildly, barely avoiding his streaking missiles. Finally, behind him, Ui'Law'La'Vazz'a got into position, and surprised the eldar infantry in the building to the west. With the help of the gunships, they killed anyone who dared venture too close to the windows of the shattered building.

Turn 5:

* The Fire Prism moves further south, around the building. The avatar shuffles closer to my hammerhead, and the fire Dragons manage to regroup, using their consolidation move to line up.
* In shooting, the wraithlord, Reapers and scouts kill off a couple more fire warriors, while the Wave serpent manages to destroy my Skyray. The Guardian missile launcher, Avatar melta weapon, and Fire Prism all manage to miss, or fail to penetrate my hammerhead.

* Ui'Law'Vazz'a and his troopers load up into their Devilfish, which darts west at top speed, along with the other devilfish, and hammerhead. My shas'O moves in for the kill against the avatar, and my drones move in to engage the Fire Dragons once again.
* In shooting, Ui'N'au and the pathfinders light up the avatar, and my skimmers put him out of his misery, while the hammer head targets the fire prism with the railgun... and stuns it!. This is the first time ever, that my hammerhead managed to cause any damage to another tank (aside from stunning a Rhino :S). My Shas'O causes no damage to the Falcon, and my Stealths and Fire warriors fail to finish off the remaining wound on the Wraithlord.
* My drones shoot and assault the fire dragons, finally causing no casualties, while they suffer 2, flee, and get overrun by the angry Eldar.

While Ui'B'kak continued to take casualties, he and his men bravely fought on, encouraged by the continued support of the stealth suits. However, despite their best efforts, the massive wraithlord remained unharmed by their guns. Suddenly, just above him, the skyray was rocked by a pair of direct hits by one of the grav tanks' Star Canons. With a gaping hole burned into the side, the large gunship began slowly spiralling to the ground, until it finally hit with a loud shriek of tearing metal. All the rest of the gunships redoubled their efforts to avoid incoming fire, often jinking wildly, only to stop suddenly to unleash their firepower. At one point, one of the devilfishes swooped down in front of the building, dropping its rear ramp even before it had stopped. Within moments, his firewarriors had sprinted out of cover, and into their transport, which was already jetting off, almost before the last fire warrior had reached the ramp. Soon all the remaining gunships were rushing towards the eldar lines, gunning down a few infantry that still survived in cover, while O'Shas'Nan himself brought an end to the fiery avatar, its death scream sending a chill down his spine.

Turn 6:

Fire dragons advance... though everything else stays still...
*The usual nasties shoot my fire Warriors, killing all but 2, who then flee, while the Guardian Missile Launcher finally manages to strike home on the Hammerhead, destroying it outright.

* My devilfish advance, and the mounted Fire warriors unload, in rapid fire range of the Guardians. The stealths move in to try to finally finish off the Wraithlord.
* My shas'O immobilizes and stuns the Falcon, while my stealths, and retreating Fire Warriors still fail to kill off the Wraithbone Monstrosity in front of them. The Fish of Fury manages to kill off all but a few of the remaining Guardians...

Despite the suppressive fire aimed at the guardians, one last missile streaked out of their ruined building, hitting the hammer head squarely. The stricken gunship, out of control, cartwheeled down to earth, before hitting the ground hard. However, mere moments later, the devilfish transport, was nearly on top of the ruins, and Ui'Law'La'Vazz'a and his men poured out, killing the last few defenders at point blank range. Just to the north, the beleaguered fire warriors finally broke, and Ui'B'kak and his remaining squadmate began to run for friendly lines, stopping briefly to fire a few shots before continuing on. The shas'O took aim at the Falcon, and after carefully lining up a shot, scored a hit on the engines with a well placed missile, forcing the craft down to the ground .

With a sigh of relief, O'Shas'Nan surveyed the battlefield. Despite the continued resistance of certain elements of the eldar, his skimmers had opened up a breach in the Eldar line, and even now, the rest of his cadre was exploiting the hole. With any luck, they would soon meet up with the rest of the Tau forces. The remaining Eldar would be dealt with by a second cadre of D'yanoi's finest, which was also under his command. For the moment though, he ordered his stealths to disengage, and begin searching for wounded Shas that might be brought back for treatment. Looking back towards the centre of the city, covered in smoke, O'Shas'nan knew that he and his men would soon be back.

So, End Game... I win, since I have a single scoring unit in the enemy's deployment zone. Isn't Alpha level fun?

Now.. rather than say what I thought went well and what didn't (aside from my opponents fairly bad antitank rolls... ), I'll ask you guys what you thought could have gone better, what should have been different, for both sides. I think I would learn more, and anyone else who cares to read past the report, if there were a meaningful discussion of the battle :P

P.S... in what seems to be a systematic state of forgetfulness, I have yet again forgotten to take many pics of turn 5. Sorry... maybe next time?
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Default Re: [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

Sorry for the double post, but I feel this has disappeared from the first page a little too quickly... that and I'm really curious as to know what the actual points total was for the eldar player. Is there anyone with the eldar codex who'd like to add up some numbers?
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Default Re: [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

havent read the batrep yet, but I did a little quick summation, minimum extra upgrades as was normal... it comes to about 2200+ points.

Now, lets go read the bat rep
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Default Re: [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

Alright, thanks for the quick points total, Knight-Actual. I had a feeling, when I saw as many eldar as he had on the table, that it was going to be something way above the points level... and sadly, I knew that if he didn't go over, it wouldn't have been much of a challenge. I feel sorry for this guy, as he still does not have a firm grip over the rules (something to do with bad memory) and I was continually giving him tips and tricks during the battle... oh well.

And I've decided to start making By-weekly battle reports, but I'd like to find a way to write the fluff etc so that I can tie in the many battles, and make one long narrative.. any suggestions?
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Default Re: [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

Mr. TB,

That was a quite enjoyable read. I have to say, it warms my heart when I read of markerlights and seeker missiles bashing Wraithlords and Wraithguard off the board. It looks like it was a pretty good game, aside from the finer points... like unknown points, extra heavy support, etc. But hey, it didn't help him, and I suppose he needed the help (hah). Regardless, nice game and I must say it's absolutely wonderful to see two fully painted armies on the board. Nicely painted at that. Huge kudos to you and your opponent for going the mile and doing that. It may sound funny, but I've simply seen so many folk who don't paint their armies over the years. It's a pleasure to see fully painted forces.

Things that could have been different, well the Eldar player could have done a lot of things different. He could have been far more aggressive with those Wraithguard; he had very little `meat' on the board. That's bad for him, good for you though. His Wraithguard taken up close would have changed a lot about positioning and altered the game in a large way. He also could have dropped those Reapers for another Wraithlord in order to to help counter more Skimmers (lance/missile) as well as harass instant death to battlesuits. His HQ choices were not necessary. His Avatar was helping few infantry with his fearless ability and otherwise doesn't do much except occupy space. That's fine against some armies, but his forte being assault he was pretty much out of the game. He would have done better with a Farseer and the Autarch would have done better with a reaper launcher instead of a fusion gun. As for your force, your suits would have done well to have shield drones and it looks like you could have done well with more seeker missiles (imagine that?), but only for this particular fight. Using markerlights and taking out the Wraithlord first turn would have been a good idea. Considering he's heavy support and deployed long before your Pathfinders, who have a scout move, you should have been able to have LOS on that Wraithlord by turn two at the latest, but really, likely turn one here. That would have saved some damage on your end. Having an Ion in this particular game instead of a Rail could have been pretty helpful too (to speed up kills once you ran out of seekers).

But regardless, a good game played it looks.

Keep making these! Cheers!
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Default Re: [Batrep] Escape from Hive Tertius, Tau vs Eldar, 1500 Pts

Sadly, I had tried taking out his wraithlord almost exclusively with the Seekers, at the beginning. Though I suppose in turn 2 (or was it 3?) when I sent my seekers at the wraithguard, I would have been better off sending them against the wraithlord again. However, this time, the effectiveness of my seekers was somewhat foiled by bad dice rolls. Out of 10 Seekers I fired during the game, I sent at least 5 at the wraithlord, 3 at the wraithguard, and 1-2 at his Fire prism. In total, all I managed to do was wound the wraithlord once, kill one wraithguard, and stun the fire prism. That is much less damage than I normally manage, but oh well, such is life. As for his tactical mistakes, it is certain that he could have been far more aggressive... with his points advantage, he would have wiped my troops right out, but instead, he gave me the chance, essentially, to wipe him out piecemeal.
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