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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau Codex

I bought the Tau Codex and it doesnt show how much each unit moves? Is there somewhere in the codex that im not looking at?
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Default Re: Tau Codex

Take a look in the Warhammer 40.000 Rule Book and you will know the distance.
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Default Re: Tau Codex

The codices are no use wthout the rulebook, you cannot even play a game without the rulebook.
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Default Re: Tau Codex

you gotta have a copy of the rulebook as has been said, or you could go to your local and ask to read the store copy, then play a game or 2 with some regulars who'll explain it to you, thats how I learnt back in the day ;D
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Default Re: Tau Codex

Well this ones over before it started, such a simple question could of been answered in the Question & Answer topic easily.

Turns key.
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GOT IT! Thatís the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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