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Why Tau?
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Default Why Tau?

I'm pretty sure this has been done before, but I'm new. Anyway, why did you start a Tau army?

I've been a reader of 8-bit Theatre for a couple years, and found out about the Tau a few months ago when I clicked some links in Clevinger's news posts that led to Tau units (the Forgeworld Manta o_o). I was also interested in Dawn of War, so I went out and bought it one night and did the Tau tutorial. First of all, they just look awesome. Tanks, battlesuits, big guns and everything. Second, they seem to be one of the few "good guys". So I'm not a big fan of quasi-communism, but it works, so who am I to argue.

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Default Re: Why Tau?

I went for Tau as thy are the only realistic army in 40k.

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Default Re: Why Tau?

Because they look the coolest, silly!
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Default Re: Why Tau?

Because they're the only ones without armor and weapons that look retarded, and they're fun and easy to paint.
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Default Re: Why Tau?

Well, I went for them because I loved the clean image that they gave. ("A universe consumed by war. Ravished by demons and inexplicable, ugly horrors from the depths of hell! Wait... are those guys running around in robo-suits?"). I also wanted to try out a shooty army (The last army I played was 'Nids, admitedly many years ago.)

And... I know I'm gonna get some hitback for this, but I'm a left wing socialist! This lot are an ideal if you read Marxism. How could I not?
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Default Re: Why Tau?

First, I wanted to get back into Warhammer 40k (yes, I quit for awhile but sooner or later you just have to have it again). I previously rocked the Space Marines and decided I wanted something a little different. Was going to go Chaos but then I saw this picture:

I was sold. Wasn't a huge fan of the Crisis Suits they had there until I saw some new ideas from Forge World of what a Crisis *could* look like.

So, why that picture? It just gave me the image of a unified group battling for a PURPOSE. No distractions. No qualms. Not even faces. The squad's image there is on of a tool, a tool of precise destruction of all opposition, surgical and powerful, the kind of thing that after the smoke clears calmly looks out over the remnants and corpses and can say, "Target eliminated."

Does that mean they're heartless? No, far from it, but that IMAGE they have, the one your enemies see...that's just priceless and unique. I like it.
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Default Re: Why Tau?

because i didn't know how to paint skin when i started

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Default Re: Why Tau?

Because I liked everything about them.
Their models look cool and are perfect for my tastes.
Their playing style is exactly the same as my ideal one (shooty and manuverable)

As with FOXX, I was thinking of what army to do when my friend gave me that packet with that picture (the one in most boxed sets of almost all armies) and I just loved them and Eldar.
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Default Re: Why Tau?

It was sort of an accident. I had painted a few battlesuits for fun, and it got around the shop that I was thinking about starting Tau. So when one of the guys wanted to sell off the Army Box, I was the first thought. He gave me such a good deal on it that I couldn't refuse.
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Default Re: Why Tau?

Originally Posted by munkey
because i didn't know how to paint skin when i started
Same here, and now I may never learn ^ ^

That and I like them being shoot, run, shoot some more, as well as being able to customize the Crisis Suits. They aren't full of themselves(AFAIK), and they aren't corrupt either. They go less on the psychic stuff and more on the tech. And they don't want to "be the only one left." They know it's better to have a few servants(jk)
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