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Batrep: Dark Angels vs Tau (2000 points) - Take and Hold
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Default Batrep: Dark Angels vs Tau (2000 points) - Take and Hold

This is the first game I've played with a new armylist, located here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=40627.0. The concept was to dump the expensive pathfinders and seekers for units that actually kill.

The game was Take and Hold, on a 6x3.5 ft board, 2000 points. The Dark Angels army included transports for everyone (one Rhino, two Razorbacks), a Whirlwind, Land Raider Crusader, a Vindicator, a Deep Striking Librarian, and a Land Speeder.

The board was set up with some relatively dense cover. Two large ruins occupied the centre of the board, wrecks and trees filled up some other parts.

Board Layout

| |
| wreckage trees wreckage |
| |
| ruin x ruin |
| |
| wreckage trees wreckage |
| |

The notable tactical features were the three chokepoints around the ruins. The objective was to hold the position marked with the X. Heavys were deployed first. Broadside squads were deployed in wreckage to target the Crusader and the Vindicator, which were placed to advanced on the objective with no cover. The wide deployment of the Broadsides manipulated my opponent into dispersing this forces, while I deployed mostly on the left side behind the wreckage. I infiltrated stealthsuits into the left ruins, while he infiltrated scouts in the other ruins. I had a stealthsuit squad and a Ninj'o in reserve, he had a librarian with a jetpack in reserve.

My opponent won first turn. He advanced units forward. His units fired, but managed to not kill anything except a shield drone attached to the Broadsides. Most notable was the Whirlwind which scattered onto my commander and he shook my Hammerhead.

On my first turn, I blew the lascannon off his venerable dreadnought and stunned it, destroyed his Rhino with my commanders missile pod, disabled the main gun of the Vindicator, exploded a Razorback, and killed several marines. This severely weakened the left side.

Second turn, his librarian deep struck beside my commander (?!?). He advanced his Crusader to the centre and a Razorback on the right. He destroyed a Broadside squad that was crossing towards the trees in the centre using a Land Speeder with a Multimelta and his Crusader. His librarian used Fury on a firewarrior and stealth squad. The Fire Warrior squad took a casuality and was pinned.

My second turn, my ninj'o deep struck beside the whirlwind, firing his plasma rifle at the side armor. The Piranhas released their drones and jumped into the ruins, using sensor spines to block LOS. The Hammerhead advanced on the Dreadnought, but missed. It caused 2 casualities on the Rhino squad with SMS. The Stealthsuits and Pirahna drones hit the Rhino squad as well, but caused no casualties. The librarian was killed with plasma fire from the commander. A devilfish advanced on the remaining Razorback on the right and unloaded it's troops. The combined pulse fire cause 4 glances, removing it's Lascannon and immobilizing it. The Broadsides fired on the Crusader, but failed to harm it. A devilfish on the right side shook his land speeder.

His turn three, his Razorback squad exited the immobile Razorback. They advanced up the side of the devilfish and fired on the fire warriors behind with a plasma pistol, then assaulted. I removed all casualties from units in contact with him, so I received no return attacks. I failed my fallback test and fell back 6". His squad consolidated 3". His scouts cause a glancing hit on a Pirahna with a sniper rifle, but only shook him.

On my turn, the falling back unit fired at the marines that assaulted them, while still falling back. Their devilfish helped them. The Pirahnas leapt from the ruins. Two blocked the exits of the Crusader. A devilfish parked in front of the remaining exit. The last piranha fired his meltagun from less than 6" and caused a glance, which became a vehicle destroyed result. His Crusader and commander squad, 500+ points of his army, were destroyed.

At this point, before I could finish my turn, my opponent surrendered. He had about 4 marines in one squad, 6 in another, a Whirlwind, a Land Speeder, and a Dreadnought missing a lascannon, plus an immobilized, defanged Razorback.

While I'd like to take full credit for this, I think mistakes made by my opponent and bad dice rolls were really to blame. The Whirlwind fired three times and missed every time, not causing one casualty. He had first turn advantage, but used it to advance into railgun fire, not to take cover in the ruins flanking the objective.
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Default Re: Batrep: Dark Angels vs Tau (2000 points) - Take and Hold

congratulations on your victory! To bad your enemy surendered

use the lesson you learned from him this time to better prepare your forces for the next time you fight him. As he will likely do the same for you.

-Made by the awsome Photoshoper TchicoriTa
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