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2000 Point Tau list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 2000 Point Tau list

Me, my little brother, and 2 of my buddys play 2 on 2 teams_

OK my little Brother playes eldar... he is all about the D-Cannons and the rerolls with the psyker craftworld. He is always behind a wall. and he always rolls to go first.

buddy 1 - is Necrons 2 or 3 monaliths , death

buddy 2 - Chaos Marines - bloodthirster , khorne bezerkers, terminaters, we let him proxy any vehicles he needs

I am the Tau - I work at a machine shop and i made all kinds of metal and plastic proxys that are the exact measurements and look ok. I have alot of bought ones too but i only needed to spend 50 bones on a hammerhead 1 time to know i didnt want to spend another 50.

So ive been thinking of differant ways to bust.
last game i rolled to be on the necrons team.
So i am faced with the harsh reality of presant circumstances... D-Cannons Hurt, and my brother always rolls to go first.

so we have a little team meeting smokin away from the enemy
the necrons are starting with

3 monoliths on the table
9 wraiths
necron lord + gizmos (rez orb ect.)
and a whole bunch of troops chilling in the back

I decided to go with a Skimmer army

3 hammerheads (seeker missles + full upgrades)
4 devilfishes ( full )
9 crisis (all plasmarifles)
shasso with bodyguard (all shield drones fusion blasters)

we deploy
Lil bro rolls a 6 while we are deciding to go first
the D-cannons let loose
2 monoliths bite the dust+ he gets close with striking scorpians but not close enough
i go next > i come up with all the fises and hammerheads
seeker missles take out some D-cannons
rail guns and fusion team stop the chaos tanks
and the rest was history
the enemy didnt have enough high damage guns for the rest of the skimmers, hammerheads, monolith.

how do you guys deal with D-cannonage?
how would i deal with monoliths + dcannons?
we are gonna rince and repeat this battle each week
i am tryin to come up with some new tactics
so i can kinda know what i am gonna feild vs the differant opponents

i can move the devilfish 24 inches and not shoot or unload still right?
can you give crisis suits 2 differant plasmarifles? the dude at GW said i can for the twin linked cost. but it didnt seem right.
and i checked the new rules and it says skimmers cant fly over friendly units. is there a loophole? i can still fly over enemy units right?

well sirs thank you
i hope we can all be tau ninjas in the night
we will fight for what is right
measure line of sight
and unload with all our might!
Laying Waste to all that oppose the Greater good
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Default Re: 2000 Point Tau list

Drop the shield drones, for reasons discussed in several recent posts. They can only hurt you in most cases. If he is taking three monoliths then he will not be able to field any destroyers. This is to your advantage, as it means that your heavy guns will outrange him. Dance around him and use ion cannons to decimate his warriors. I don't really like FoF against the Necrons, but it can work if you can focus it on one side or another. Have a look at the sticky up top. Deep-striking the crisis suits may let you bypass the monoliths altogether and focus on his troops. Taking three of those is a horrendous waste of points. You should have little trouble phasing him out.

Probably go with Fireknife on your battlesuits (PR, MP, and MT), as this gives you the most bang for the buck. Mounting two plasma rifles just gives you a re-roll if you miss. You don't actually get any more shots than you would if you only had one. This is why Fireknife is encouraged. Remember that you must use all three hardpoints on each battlesuit.

The devilfish is not a fast vehicle. It can only ever move 12". It can always disembark passengers provided they did not board at the beginning of that turn. It can move 6" and fire all of its weapons, or 12" and fire none. The multi-tracker will allow you to fire as if you were a fast vehicle, meaning 1 main weapon and all defensive weapons. Check the section beginning on page 61 of the 4th edition rulebook.

If I remember correctly, D-Cannon are not all that tough to damage, nor do they have the range of your Railguns. If you think your brother will get the first turn, just deploy the Hammerheads out of sight. When it is your turn, move out and let him have it. You said you were taking the multi-tracker, so you can move up to 12" and fire.

Moving over enemies is odd. If you move directly over them, they test for tank shock as normal. This is a departure from the 3rd edition rules. If they succeed, they move out of your way. If they fail, they run out of your way. ;D You can never move over a close combat, and you should rarely be in a situation where you find it vital to move over your own troops rather than around them.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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Default Re: 2000 Point Tau list

Oh my. I just worked up a 2,000 point Necron army with three Monoliths and 9 wraiths. The most warriors he could possibly have is 44, and that is giving him 6 points of leeway. Deep-striking monoliths might never even see the table.
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Default Re: 2000 Point Tau list

3 monoliths? lame but good for you,just fight the warriors and he'll hit phase out quite soon, I hate to say it but the easiest way to deal w/ D'canons at the back is to Deepstrike some crisis (fireknife is my choice for reliability) or to just run up the HH as was mentioned.

other than that you have made the right decisions on the list (bar sheild drones an bodyguards)

have some good fun ;D
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