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Kroot Warrior
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Default rtt

i need advice for a 1,850 rtt army.
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Default Re: rtt

we need alot more information than this.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: rtt

well im not sure if ishould take out 1 of my troop choices and add stealthsuits
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: rtt

Yes, you should. Happy?

Maybe you should provide us with the list you're currently using, so we can actually help you.

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Default Re: rtt

we actually need the base list, your comments and what you hp to acheive to help you dude........help us help you :P
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: rtt

Elite:2 Squads of crisis suits,both with shas`vre
Troop:3 squads of 12 fire warriors with shas`vre and 1 squad of kroot with a shaper,another with 12 and a shaper
Fast attack:2 gun drone squadrons and a pathfinders squad of 6 with shas`vre,2 with railrifles
Heayy support:hammerhead with railgun and smart missle system
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Default Re: rtt

To start -
1) Dump Aus'shi - he sucks, especially in the 4th edition. A suit is a better HQ.
2) Dump the shapers; they're expensive and don't add a lot unless you're paying for the Ld upgrade which then makes those units very expensive.
3) Combine both squads of kroot into one unit. 2 units of 12 is not very effective.
4) You're spending way too many points on FA options, none of which are very effective pricewise. I would get rid of the pathfinders -or- all the drones. You probably should keep at least one FA option to help with your soft-scores.
5) You should have at least one more hammerhead.

Does this list really add up to 1850 pts? I know you have a lot of unit upgrades (not worth the price IMO) but it seems a tad light at first glance.
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Default Re: rtt

1. change Aun'shi for an Shas'o
2. regroup the Kroots into 1 unit of 20 kroots and shaper.
3. make two 5 man squads of drones, and remove 1 or 2 Pathfindrs.
4 make 2 units of XV8, with 2 XV8 in each
5. for the points you saved buy another HS and as many stealths as you can afford!
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Default Re: rtt

have a read on the fish of fury thread on the tactics page. Your army will highly depend on your tactic choice.* O0

Generally a fireknife (pasma +mp+MT) configuration is good enough to kill most anything, but I also like to use a full squad of stealthies coz they got a cool 3 shots each and jet packs. Try configuring your shas'o and honour guard with these. About 300++ pts bit pricey but well worth it, methinks

Kroot are best if packed in groups of no less than 20. Don't bother with the shaper IMHO because your armor saves with the shaper upgrade are negated by all weaponry. On the charge, this group of 20 chooks get a grand total of 60 attacks comparable to space marine strength and WS, but have mediocre initiative. The way I use kroot is just as a pre-emptive strike and as a speed bump. Do not be afraid to sacrifice these chooks* for the greater good.

HH rocks, but get yourself the MT and flachette discharger. These things just help you maximize your HH's life. Get 2. One with IC (which get fondly called marine killers) and another with a railgun.

I also like getting a full broadside squad (bit pricey, but look at it as 3 tl solid slug railguns !!!) with mt pl for one and sms and Target Lock for the other two. that way you can shoot at three different targets from one unit.

Get as many FW as you can, and at least 1 DF. These things can win or lose your battles. It may be an advantage to use an ethereal with hw drone controller with 2 shield drones. HIDE HIM* and just take advantage of the re-rolled morale checks.

From my experience, do not under any circumstances , get into less than 12' of the incoming enemy. If that happens, pull all forces away and prepare to sacrifice some for close combat slaughter. Stay at least 18' away for jet-packed units to maximize firepower and jump 6' in , shoot, and jump 6' back and you still have a good 12' distance away from them should they decide to chase you. then again, this works brilliantly in my head, but I still mismeasure 12' and 8' so I end up in cc with them anyway

So my advice:

Shas'o + bodyguards with fireknife
Stealth 2 squads of 6
3 man crisis with fireknife

20 kroot
24 fw all rifles
12 fw half with carbines in a fish

2 HH (one railgun, another with IC)
3 broadsides with a mt tlPR and 2 with target lock and sms

MEBE MEBE an ethereal with hw dc and 2 sd

I hope I've been able to help.* O0

Have fun at the rtt !!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: rtt

Whats a ''fire knife''?
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