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How do u avoid CC?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default How do u avoid CC?

I have a quite often opponent who plays blood angels and with the new bike rules of turbo-boosting, i find it difficult to stay out of CC long enuff to kill enuff of his army. The thing i try the most is to set up a broadside/hammerhead near the halfmark of the table so he has to set up 18" on the other side. Still its very difficult to stay out as most of his army is in transports or have jump packs. What can i do!?!
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

Look over the FoF (Fish of Fury) topic above. With the Tau, trying to hug your table edge and out-shoot him is usually a losing strategy. Most armies are either too fast for this to work, or can actually out-shoot you (like Imperial Guard or Iron Warriors). It is far better to keep your units mobile. When your opponent rushes towards you to engage in close combat, your Fire Warriors just get in their Devilfish and redeploy somewhere else. With FoF, you can use the Devilfish to block his charges while your Fire Warriors rapid-fire into him. Keep your Hammerhead and Crisis suits moving as well, and he will have a hard time engaging you properly.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

There's also something people seem to be calling the "Tau Brace" and it goes a little like this:

oo D D

So, you have your Fire Warriors all lined up and ready to shoot (o) and your Drones (D) out at 2" rom the squad and then 2" from that other Drone. The idea here is that you keep the drones towards the potential assaulting enemy (they can move again during the assault phase, remember?) and if he hits your unit, try to be just inside his assault range.

What should happen if all goes well is that he'll kill the first two drones only since they are the only engaged models, which you remove, thus leaving him out of B2B and unable to Sweeping Advance. He must roll to consolidate and you have a 4"+ gap, to which a minimum 2" fall back roll is going to be added, average 6"-7". You should get away, rally, and have him standing right in your rapid fire range and all you really sacrificed is 2 Drones.

Make these Shield Drones and it can withstand even power weapons, the bane of the Tau. The set up can also be made using other Tau models or even with Kroot, and it's all for the greater good.

Granted, this will be a dicey move and should only be something you do as a preventative tactic, and not something to rely on gettin gyou through the game. Furthermore, you have to maintain just the right gap, so that makes it tough too.

I generally like to set up and then retreat a few inches on a regular basis; throws off thier guess at how far away they are and helps keep them wondering if they can even make it into contact. Coupled with the Brace, even if he does make it, you are only down a model or two.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

You also have to fail your break test after the drones die (if the drones are actually attached to the unit). Otherwise, everyone makes pile-in moves instead. If you find yourself using this tactic a lot, consider investing in an Ethereal to help you reroll successful tests. This general tactic can work any time when you are just inside your enemies' charge range. It is a wierd situation that happens because the Tau are actually TOO weak in close combat.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

Being an Ork Goff player, the idea of avoiding CC is a little --- well, ALIEN to me.

Your friend seems to have a good grasp of using fast units as tripwires to entangle you into CC as soon as possible.* I'm sure you target these fast units straight away.* Its an obvious response.

Small Groups of Kroot will also make for good `Doorstops' as well.* Its a little more expensive then a couple of drones, but I'd think they'd make a good second line of defense, behind the drones, but in front of the FWs.

Just a thought,

Best Regards,
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

the way ive avoided CC is to line up a nice and noble line of gun drones right smack in the worst possible place... for them. >

the conundrum for them is this:" do i assault the darn drones, or maneuver around them, knowing full well they'll hippity hoppity right in the way again?" i like to keep my gun drones at max numbers, but definately spread out to their full 2" coherency in a long line. the long line is for 2 reasons: they cant assault through the line, and, they cant possible kill them all, or really more than 2-3 (seing as only engaged units take wounds).

for some reason the people i play against really really HATE wasting turns assaulting gun drones..

and, when the gun drone is almost wiped out, after fulfilling their duty for the grater good, by then i usually have a kroot squad within charge range, and about 24 Fire Warriors waiting for the last drone to fall before opening fire... usually for the SECOND time (first time when droes first got in the way...)

anyways, thats how I avoid CC. It works GREAT for DeepStriking Terminators and Trukkboy'n Speed Freaks.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

That is odd. I wouldn't see it as a waste, because drones are more expensive than Fire Warriors anyway, and only slightly more useful in close combat. If I was using my Templar, I would charge them happily and use the assault as cover from Tau shooting. Hopefully, I would destroy/rout them during your turn instead of mine, and then get the charge on whoever else might be withn 12". I'm not sure how the max coherency line works. If they took out the middle drones, you might get consolidated into, as you would waste most of your retreat distance coming back into coherency. The new assault rules have created a lot of little questions like this. It may make 40k a little more like WFB.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

Here's another thought for "The Brace." If you're playing FoF, you've got two drones to use that aren't part of the unit (IIRC they're a separate unit once they pop off the SF). That gives you a sacrificial unit to use in the first turn that isn't part of FWs unit and thus doesn't force the dicey (pun intended) morale check after the drones die. I really don't think the Brace will work reliably at all without an Ethereal in the armor to help with the failed morale checks.

However, there's one advantage of the unit upgrade drones: I also don't think the assaulting unit can ever reach the other FWs when they wipe out the FW's drones (or the sacrificial FWs). If you've got about a 4" gap, the enemy will only get a 3" consolidation move when they kill the drones & win the combat: You only get the d6" if you wipe out the unit you attack. So theoretically they should never be able to reach you.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

I don't get the meaning of "The Brace". You know that you use Initiative to break of from close combat in 4th editition, don't you? I'm unable to understand how it works. Please give me a more detaliled explanation.
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Default Re: How do u avoid CC?

I'm a very staunch opponent of tactics that require you to fail Ld and pass on specific cecks, too risky and retards too many times, best way to avoid CC is to have kroot infiltrate into cover and deter him from goin gfor the cover or to just play mobile and use the FoF tactic (proven and good) to pounce on his mistakes when he gives chase to to the fishes.
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