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N00b army
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Old 28 Jan 2005, 21:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default N00b army

I need some decent 500 pt army lists for the tau. Any good ones?
(Please try to minimise the cost in $s too)
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Default Re: N00b army

HQ: shas'el(PR, MP, MT)85
Troops: 11 FW(bonded)120
* * * * * *11 FW(bonded)120
HSupport: HH(railgun, smart missiles, MT, DP)175

Price: $135

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Default Re: N00b army

I would indeed buy the startbox for 50$ with 12 FW, 12 kroots, 10 drones and 3 XV8, then perhaps another FW squadwould fit the bill, but the start box gives about 750pts alone!
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Old 29 Jan 2005, 02:10   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: N00b army

the starter kit is $90, you'll probably need that
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Old 29 Jan 2005, 02:59   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: N00b army

You would recommend an HH in a 500 point army? Sweet... (I am also just starting with Tau, and I was unsure about including an HH early on. I really wanted to though, cause my main opponent uses orks and with the submunition round.....)
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Old 29 Jan 2005, 03:03   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: N00b army

Buy the box but I suggest playing combat patrol till you get a feel for the game, rules for CP are in the rulebook and it makes a nice break from big games and a good starter few games.

good list for CP is:

10 FW


3 Stealths

2 Crisis


so you just buy the box (its a great deal, really great) and a 'Fish and 3 stealths and you have a decent 750pt army and a good combat patrol to learn w/ and enough models to expand to 1000pts easily.

ps dont play 500pt armies, they arevery bad and unrepresentative of the army as you an most often only squaeese in HQ and 2 Troops.

hope it helps.
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