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Background Articles
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Default Background Articles

[size=12pt]Important Topics[/size]

The following is a collection of useful threads, common questions and links for your convenience to quickly learn or answer a question, rather than continually starting new threads on a subject, unless new material is to be presented. Please feel free to suggest largely useful threads, by sending a private message to Vash113, Khanaris or Aunny.


(Click here to Read) :: Glossary of Common Terms :: [size=7pt]"Look here for the lingo."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Calmsword's Tau fluff compendium :: [size=7pt]"Compiled from material gathered during the Fall of Medusa Campaign, this is a good source on background information about the recent activities of the Tau"[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon :: [size=7pt]"Genmotty's glossary of the Tau language."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tau background/fluff compendium :: [size=7pt]"Doombringer's list of all that made Tau" (ATT Thread)[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Unofficial Tau Empire Unit Designation System :: [size=7pt]"Doombringer's list of Tau military designations." (ATT Thread)[/size]

[size=12pt]Starting a Tau Army?[/size]

(Click here to Read) :: Writing Tau Army Lists :: [size=7pt]"How to go about writing a list for Tau."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Advice for starting Tau: Army Construction :: [size=7pt]"Advice on the construction of your army."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The Tau Beginner's Guide to Tau units, Pt. 1: HQ & Elites :: [size=7pt]"Part 1 of Olannon's guide for beginners."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The Tau Beginner's Guide to Tau units, Pt. 2: Troops & Fast Attack :: [size=7pt]"Part 2 of Olannon's guide for beginners."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: The Tau Beginner's Guide to Tau units, Pt. 3: Heavy Support & Special Characters :: [size=7pt]"Part 3 of Olannon's guide for beginners."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Just Starting Warhammer 40K? :: [size=7pt]"Elliott's Guide to the Well-Meaning But Bewildered Tau."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tactica: Starting Tau on the Cheap :: [size=7pt]"Tyndmyr's advice on starting Tau when expense is an issue."[/size]



(Click here to Read) :: Making the Devilfish :: [size=7pt]"I'd like help putting together my Devilfish, with more detail."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Modular Tanks: Tau Devilfish/Hammerhead :: [size=7pt]"I heard you can use magnets to swap parts between Devilfish and Hammerheads."[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Magnets on Crisis Suits :: [size=7pt]"How can I use magnets to make my weapons swappable on my Crisis Suit?"[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Superdetailing Tau Vehicles :: [size=7pt]"Has anyone went into large detail when modeling their Hammerhead?"[/size]

[size=12pt]Other Material[/size]

(Click here to Read) :: GW Resources :: [size=7pt]"Where can I find all those free PDFs that GW released for Tau and Kroot?"[/size] Currently unavailable due to GW site reconstruction.
(Click here to Read) :: Guide to Forge World Tau and Kroot models :: [size=7pt]"What is Forge World? Can I use their models? What can I do with them?"[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Refined XV8 Naming Scheme :: [size=7pt]"How do I name Crisis configurations? What are the names?"[/size]
(Click here to Read) :: Tau A to Z :: [size=7pt]"Is there an alphabet so I can make words in Tau or phrases for banners, etc?"[/size]
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