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2000 pt army
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Default 2000 pt army

I currently have almost a 1500 pt army, but play a 1000. I plan to get a 2000 pt army and would like your advice before I get units I don't know for sure will be useful.

2000pt army:
HQ: aun'shi
Elite: 3 xv8, 6 xv15
Troops: 12 fire warriors, 11 fire warriors joined by aun'shi+Devilfish, 20 kroot carnivores x2
Fast attack: 8 gun drones
Heavy support: HammerHead Gunship x2, 3 xv88

Current units I own:
3 xv8, 6 xv15, xv88, HH, 10 gun drones, 24 fire warriors, 12 kroot carnivores (jungle trees), krootox (have not yet used)

Plan to get:
aun'shi, 32 kroot carnivores, Devilfish, HH, 2 xv88

If you read this sentince, it will tell you nothing.
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