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would this hold?
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 20:11   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default would this hold?

Hello, i'm new to Tau, right now in posession of only a Commander and a team of fire warriors. as i was thinking about possible reinforcements my first thought was quite obvious: "get a battleforce". but then i just thought about something like this:

First, get a devilfish+8fw
Second, get a hammerhead
Then, get another fish and fw
Then some Stealth Battlesuits,
and lastly, get myself a third devilfish+fire warriors set.

This should leave me with three full squads of fw, a really cool-looking tank leasurly lobbing submunitions into enemy ranks, an annoying team of sneaky harassers and three devilfishes for added mobility, also ready to be manned with a jolly team of AP "any space marines here?" 3 weapons carrying pathfinders later.

Now, the question abounds: i guess building an army in such a custom manner promises more fun than simply getting myself a set battleforce, but since i'd have to live without some plasma-spitting fireknives for quite some time, do you think such a force would hold its own against Ultramarines and Speed Freeks i expect to be playing?

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Default Re: would this hold?

I like Fire Knives against Terminators, but a good solid (and mobile) core of FW seems to be the most effective weapon against basic marines. If your opponents are vehicle-light, consider using the Ion Cannon on the Hammerhead. You might consider adding some more heavy units (Broadsides, probably) if you are seeing a lot of heavier vehicles.
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Default Re: would this hold?

But that is only like 1000pts right? al though it seem like a good start.. No enemy can stand surpressing fire for long..
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Default Re: would this hold?

ahem. SM's? Thousand Sons? There are a lot armies that can stand suppressed fire for awhile.
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Old 22 Jan 2005, 01:25   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: would this hold?

If you're just starting out, get the battleforce. it has fw's, kroot, drones, and 3 crisis suits, all for a great price. get that before getting the fish/fw combo pack or anything else; its just a great deal and a great way to get a lot of models quickly.

Modeling; remember to model your hammerhead such that you can interchange the ion cannon and railgun, depending on your preference, by not gluing the gun in place.

Also, crisis suits can get really versatile with their weapons, so be sure to use some magnets on the gun ports/guns so that you can put guns and equipment on and off. You get these little magnets (somebody please post any sites they know of where they are sold, I don't know of any) and drill holes in the arms/shoulders for the little magnets, then put some magnets in the weapons. stick em on how you like, then take them off when you want to change configurations. Mine aren't like that (I built mine a loooonnnngg time ago...) and I'm limited by it a lot. :-\

And be sure to get some crisis battlesuits too; they kick butt against heavy troops and can annoy your opponent while popping in and out of cover, giving you some much needed mobility. DON'T LEAVE THEM OUT! Otherwise, you face marines or necrons and get owned because firewarriors can't hurt them very much. I'd get them before the stealth suits. the hh will serve you well though, good choice.

Oh, and be sure to check out the tau tactics, modeling sections, and others for help on starting out as too.
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Default Re: would this hold?

I'd work at least 2 crisis in there after or before the stealths but yes that is a viable way to go, you'll need the fireknife vs. speed freeks and any from of heavy or fast marine :P, but normal FW do fine against marines and orks.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: would this hold?

thanks guys! maybe i'll consider this battleforce after all (but heck, why couldn't they have added 20 kroot instead of twelve there???) instead of stampeding for xv15's and rail-happy pathfinders

heh, talk about vehicle-light... this SM army i'm talking about has two tacticals, termite squad, a land speeder, a land raider (w/turn signals), a rhino and an annihilator; with ANOTHER land raider (a racky crusader variant, probably), an assault terminator squad and full-servo techmarine incoming... one SM armoured company, eh. frankly, i should have posted this list earlier with a question <<is there any way of beating this when using a truly "mobile" force rather than the "guns, lots of guns" battleforce+broadsides variant>>...

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Default Re: would this hold?

I like your original idea of what your going to buy. What you have described there is exactley what i'd do.

A mobile tau army would stand a better chance against that rush marine army than the stand and shoot tau force would. The mobile army IMO stands a better chance against most things.

If you just keep on the move and whittle away at the few stranded marine squads (because you should be able to destroy a few of their transports) you won't kill much but you also shouldnt lose very much in return (which is how the mobile force works, and it also fits in with the tau fluff of minimising casualties).

If you do go for the mobile force, i'd personally go for a lot of carbines (the TO community is very split on this). Check out the tactics index in the important topics, you should find some debates on the carbine issue in there.

Heres something i was planning a while back and it seems a little similar to what your going for:

Ok heres a 1000 point army , my favourite things about the Tau list is the mechanised forces that can be created and stealth teams. I am not a fan at all of any other suits other than stealth.

Ethereal w/ Honour Blades.

5 Stealth suits w/
Shas'vre w/ 2 Gun drones Marker Light.

12 Fire warriors(S1) with Pulse Rifles w/
Shas'ui w/ HWMT and Marker Light.
Devil Fish w/ Targetting Array, 2 Seeker Missiles.

11 Fire warriors(S2), 6 with Carbines.
Devil Fish w/ Targetting Array, 2 Seeker Missiles.

Hammer Head w/ Railgun and Burst Cannons.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Now i can either have another Hammer Head with Ion Cannon and Smart Missiles or a 5 strong stealth team.

Now squad one will be in a holding role as i will want to use my marker light, these can stay at long range and provide fire support(their fish will support the rest of my force), When they are threatened the fish will return and they will move out and hopefully deliver a dismounting rapid fire in the last turn.

Squad 2 will be used more aggressively and advance and try to pin units in place, they will try to fulfil any of the mission objectives.

The stealth team will be used to try and outflank the enemy and hit them a the rear to perhaps take out an enemy firebase. If this is achived then they will be free to use the marker light. I have included gun drones so there is a chance of me pinning units and when i have to take a model off it wont be a really expensive one.

The hammerhead will obviously be on an anti armour role.

I have picked an ethereal as I hate regular suits. I have given him an honour blade as he is with the aggressive squad and will be in the thick of it. I believe my squads should pass the LD tests if he dies and I just like the idea of an honour blade wielding ethereal leading from the front like a real leader should.

They are also useful when you dont have the points for a regular comander as you need them for other things. I don't really understand the defeatist attitude that people hold when they discuss the loss of an ethereal, your squads have to take 1 LD test (at a good LD), this really isnt that bad and the fact that you auto pass and get to re-roll LD test for these squads more than once for most of the game more than makes up for this.

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Default Re: would this hold?

No no do your first thing. Should work well, once you get used to it. In short I agree tottaly with Arguleon-veq and he's a Gmod so don't argue ;D
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Old 23 Jan 2005, 15:56   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: would this hold?

heh, my faith in mobile tau force is coming back... yaaaay! thanks a lot!

still, i have some doubts:
(oh, make it "questions", it'll be more polite . after all, i never even played before...)

the sm army is most likely to rush me, but with a small force like described (i wouldn't need to take all of the devilfishes, it would just be good to have them painted and ready, not being stuck with a Napoleon-style combat) they wouldn't have much chance of fielding these assault termites-which is a good thing, with almost no means to counter the fearsome clawed elephants attack. i guess that's mostly the tacticals and (sigh) regular terms to worry about.

the question is: how would the pulse carbines do against regular sm's? the image i pictured reading Arguleon-veq's reply was like, come into close range and... well, shoot. but with Ld 10 wouldn't it be quite unlikely for the marines to be pinned by carbine fire (given the not-so-oh-great Tau accuracy and sm's loveable armour of 3), and wouldn't it be better to wage war equipping the fw uniformly w/rifles (i mean, 6 shots more=a bigger chance of casualties=Ld penalties), THEN shoot them with devilfish bc and drones (two pc better than none), and (if they're not running/pinned/preferably dead yet) followup with an odd rail rifle/submunition shot or two? i know, an overkill. but better than "come and get it"... i guess. any advice?

i mean, shooting on the move with carbine-equipped fws and bursty xv15's could be cool IF he tried to rush me, but if he decided to simply stay still and shoot... i don't know if i can get into a longer firefight with my friend's hvy bolter/missile launcher/converted multimelta sporting tactical squads...

of course, all this could be said in just two phrases: first, rifles or carbines in a mobile army, and second - to rush, or not to rush? seeing a tactical squad should i give it all i've got ("get down and stay down!!!") in the way described above or simply bear with its constantly rattling hvy bolter and proceed with caution?
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