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How could I beat this space marine army?
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 11:23   #1 (permalink)
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Default How could I beat this space marine army?

My one friend has a space marine army that loooks something like this:

1 commander.
a terminator squad
a techmarine with lots of guns
2 dreadnought
2 tactical squad
a scout squad
1 landspeeder tornado
1 landspeeder typhoon
and some other fast attack
3 land raider

THis is an 1850pt. army of his, and could someone tell me what the best strategy to use against this army is, and also give me some target prioritation.
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 11:40   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

Oh my god... I hate seeing 3 landraiders! ARG!!!

Well obviously, your going to need a good amount of anti-tank... 2 dreads and 3 landraiders.. So definately broadsides..

Some Fireknives would be useful against those Terminators.. and the landraiders if needed.

I am asuming that those tacticals are small.. seeing as they fit in under 2K pts and are sharing space with 3 landraiders... and that techmarine. If so then your Firewarriors should more than handle them...

As far as the commander adn Techmarine go.. hmm... unless his commander is mounted in a transport, I'd ignore him.. if he is in a transport than hopefully can just blow it away with those broadsides.. The techmarine is a threat though. I am not sure how to deal with them...

Anyway, this is just a Guardsman's 2 cents.. you'll get more no doubt when the real tactictians get in here. Good luck either way.
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 11:48   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

Pathfinders with railrifles.

The railrifles can take out the landspeeders, they're also ap3 so 1 hit Knock out on SpaceMarines.

Plasma rifles too.

Priority: Tank/with troops first. Tanks, Assult troops/ troop and stuff
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

WOW, ive never seen 3 land raiders in that small a list before....*whispers* powergamer....lol, for all those broadside loathers im afraid they will be very necessery for busting open all that armour...maybe dont take as many fire warriors as you would normally for this points limit and make sure to take plenty of kroot. I find kroot are often underestimated and can indeed frustrate marines both with massed firing, inabililty to die easily in cover and all those attacks on the charge mean SM's are often halted buying the rest of your army time to get away.
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 16:07   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

I checked this out in Army Builder. You are probably not going to facing more than 40 or so models, almost a quarter of them vehicles. In an 1800+ point battle, your core Fire Warriors(4 or 5 squads?) will be sufficient to destroy his tactical squads, scouts, and probably both speeders. This is one time when I would suggest the nine-broadside option discussed in an earlier post. With that many vehicles and Terminators, they will have more than enough viable targets. This might also be a good time to break out the EMP grenades. He is likely to get overconfident with three raiders on the field, and he may ignore small units he thinks cannot hurt his tanks in favor of trying to take down your Broadsides.

In all honestly, I can't imagine that army being very successful. Land Raiders have great armor, but they still can only kill MAX seven models per turn (two lascannon shots, 3 heavy bolter shots and 2 storm bolter shots), and then only if he rolls well and remembered to pivot in the movement phase (make sure you check his fire arcs). They make nice transports but you will outnumber him so badly that you could end up dominating the assault phase with a handful of Kroot . This army just doesn't have enough models.
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 16:13   #6 (permalink)
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Location: Haddenham, Aylesbury, Bucks, England
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

well said....it doesnt have neough mobility once the speeder are down...i wouldnt advise EMPS for those...makes fire warriors too expensive and one main rule for this army is to outnumber it with fire warriors..also they only hit ona 6 so are far better shooting instead (oh we do have the best core guns in the glaxay....enjoy them!)...dont think a HH is obselete here, i mean a broadside without a shield gen inst going to hang around a while wheras a HH moving 12" per turn (with MT obviously!) will only have glancinghits....3 to hit, 4 to glance, 6 to destroy? adds aint to bad, id take 1 HH and 5/6 sides (points allwing that is)
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

Yeah, that's true. It definately lacks the mobility, giving you ( especially if you field a really mobile Tau force) an advantage. Like 42 said, your troops will be an important role in this battle, so take as much of them as you can. If your going to take broadsides and a HH, I'd give the HH an Ion Cannon instead of an RG.
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

hmmm....... this seems like a gift from the gods ;D, this should be woefully easy.

a FoF should do for the compulsory Fw squad, withsome obvious BS to support ;D and a unit or 2 of Kroot to protect them and the usual fireknife and HH suport
but its the BS and Kroot (who swamp the low no. of SMurfs) who will win the game for you.
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

Every bit counts, Trillian.* It's amazing what other people can see that "tried and true tacticians" can miss.* Don't sell yourself short!

XV suits will be both a blessing and your best strength in this match-up.* Expect him to try and blow the living daylights out of your Broadsides, Hammerhead, and anti-Armor suits.* I'd imagine nothing less than a torrent of lascannon and Dreadnought fire burning into them, painfully..* On the other hand, it should not be anything more painful than a normal game's targeting.

Take three or four strong Fire Warrior squads, and be *sure* to have them mounted in Devilfish.* You'll need the mobility, especially against Space Marines.

For this situation, proper targeting would be much the same as a normal game:* Shoot down the Assault Squad and Dreadnoughts first, with a second eye to destroying any Land Raider with troops inside.* If they *all* have something in them, then simply burn the Assault and Dreadnought elements down, then take up a mobile, rapid game of position and reposition.* Concentrate your Fire Warriors and Stealth Suits against the Land Speeders; of all the armor elements present in the Marine list, these are the ones your anti-infantry units will best be able to knock down without extra help.

Crisis suits should (as a whole) carry a mix of Missile pods, fusion blasters, and plasma rifles.* Work around the sides as best you can, killing the fast Assault elements of the Marine force as quickly as possible.* When they are down, close into the six-inch range of the Raiders and begin cutting them up with Fusion beams.

BEWARE!* Your opponent might take to placing the Techpriest and Commander individually into seperate Land Raiders.* This can be a nasty surprise, so be aware of it.* If you have the long range Railgun firepower, cutting troop-carrying Raiders to pieces is definitely a priority.* If it appears he will land an assault against part of your line, have the Devilfish nearby for the Fire Warriors to escape into and withdraw; considering the situation, your 'Fish might be able to simply charge forward, overshooting the Land Raider and assailling deeper into HIS lines!

If you can split his attack up, then it is worth the possible risk of a Fire Warrior squad or two.

Dreanoughts/Bikers/Assault squads can tie down your warriors in hand-to-hand, and that is bad.* Placing your Fire Warriors in cover will prevent Raiders from tank shocking them into retreat, and will force him to assault you to drive you out of cover.

Overall, I'd recommend a battle plan such as this: form an anchor of Broadsides and Fire Warriors prepared in cover, and have a *very* strong reserve of Crisis suits.* You will need many, so I recommend filling all of your Elite slots, as well as the option for the Crisis Bodyguard if you can afford it.

Markerlights could also serve well for this battle.* Pathfinders could prove an incalculable aid in rooting out enemy Infiltrators and guiding rail bursts into their proper targets.* Seeker missiles would also prove useful here, but moreso against the Dreadnoughts and Land Speeders than against the Raiders themselves.* Save your rockets for those brutal targets; kill the Raider with solid shot Railgun slugs.

The main workhorses of your army will be the Crisis suits, for their all-around effectiveness against vehicles, power armor, and Terminators.* Take your attack to him, and throw off his timing; first turn out, be aggressive, and give him a bloody nose!* Most opponents of the Tau expect us to set up a gunline, sit back, and pray we can shoot our opponents to pieces.* Throw him off that expectation, and he might just start slipping up enough to hand you the game.* Be confident, and do your best.

Good luck!
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Old 21 Jan 2005, 19:27   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: How could I beat this space marine army?

I think that list isn't very competitive: The 3 LRs are just a big point sink that are going to be filled with juicy bits. Hitting them with rail guns is the surest way to ruin his day. Virtually any damaging hit is going to stop the LR from moving: Don't forget that AP1 weapons always score penetrating hits so with each shot has a 50% chance of damaging the LR and then a 50% of blowing it up. I like those odds. Also, if the LRs are moving they'll only be firing one LC and then that's only if they limit themselves to 6" per turn.

The other possibility is that he's going to use the LRs like bunkers; parking them in place and just firing. In that case they'll start empty and so you should know if he's going to be using them that way. If he does that I'd park all my stuff behind terrain to minimize LoS targets for the LRs.

Otherwise, just shoot up the land speeders and then pick off the rest of the stuff that's left to plod across the board.
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