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Struggle against sisters..advices?
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Default Struggle against sisters..advices?

I'm going to a tournament this week.

A good Witch Hunters player challenged me before the tournaments begins and so I know I will meet him in the first game.

I NEVER played against sisters so I need a few advice about what to fear and how to fight them. I can't know what he will bring to the table but I know the list I will bring:

Something like this:

Shas'El FireKnife
Shas'El Plasma/CIB

5 Stealth /w array
3 Stealth + 5 G.Drones, leader, bonding
2 Crisis FireKnife, Leader /w array + 2 Sh.Drones

8 Fire Warrior, Leader, Markerlight
8 Fire Warrior, Leader, Markerlight
10 Kroot

RailHead, SMS, MT, TL, DL
IonHead, SMS, MT, TL, DL
2 BASS /w 2 Sh.Drones

Can you help me gunnin' down those puny sisters?

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Default Re: Struggle against sisters..advices?

If they take tanks, Blast them to bits!

I mean it exorsist and imolator are nasty
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Default Re: Struggle against sisters..advices?

Ok now that that bit of descriptive in depth advice has been given I'll give you my opinion.

For starters based on the list you put up there I'm assuming this is 1500 points, correct?

Looking at your list so far it's ok. First things first, do you know if this Witch Hunters player uses a "Pure" sisters army for sure? Or does he take a lot of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers? Inducted Guard? Grey Knight allies?

There's a lot of tricks and such and inquisitorial army can use, so be ready for a potentially diverse opponent.

I&#39;d suggest reading Mal&#39;s excellent Know thyself article for starters (http://mrfriendly.asmallorange.com<b...p?topic=5338.0)

If you can get your hands on a copy of the Witch Hunters codex do so and give it a read. The less unexpected craziness thrown at you during a game the better! Witch Hunters have some pretty esoteric and unique rules and units, so don&#39;t be afraid to ask your opponent questions.

All that being said there&#39;s a few general strength and weakness that Witch Hunters have.

First weakness:

1 - Speed. Most witch hunter units aren&#39;t very quick. For the most part they only have basic infantry, and while they have wide access to transports these will be either Rhinos or Chimeras, neither of which are particularly heavily armoured or fast.

2 - Infiltrators. Witch hunters don&#39;t have access to many infiltrating units, and what they do have available are mostly just the assassins, single models that are just regular infantry. Watch out though, they can take up to three death cult assassins as one elite choice, and each assassin must be targeted separately with shooting.

3 - Long range fire power. Outside of 24" the Witch Hunters don&#39;t have a lot of firepower, especially sisters. This is why you&#39;ll have to be on the lookout for inducted Guardsmen or allied space marines. Out side of 12" they can be fairly light on anti tank firepower as well. However all that being said once they close to within 12" or closer witch hunters, and again especially sisters excel. They have tons of melta, flamer and plasma weaponry available cheaply, and pretty much all of it is shooting on BS 4. You want to keep them at arms length and make them chase you whittling them away the whole while.

With all that in mind I&#39;m going to go over your list and make some suggestions for improvement. These are based on an ideal situation, as I don&#39;t know what models you have available to you.


Both Shas&#39;els are good. Capable of dealing with heavy infantry (plenty of 3+ saves in a Sisters army!). Make sure these guys have targeting arrays for optimal effectiveness, especially the CIB dude!


You&#39;ve got to many upgrades here. Being cheap is the name of the game.

I&#39;d change the stealth teams a bit. They&#39;re very expensive right now, I&#39;d just substitute them to be two teams of 4 suits with no other upgrades.

The fireknife team is just downright silly at the moment. You&#39;ve spent so many points on defensive upgrades that for less than 20 more points you could just take a third battle suit! Which is what I&#39;d recommend you do. The plasma rifles are great against sisters, as are the missile pods which are good at trashing their transports.

Speaking of trashing transports... It might be wise to consolidate the stealth teams into one "super squad" and use the extra elite slot for a pair of death rain suits (twin-linked missile pod/flamer).


More Kroot! Kroot are fantastic. You can infiltrate them into good positions, potentially out of line of sight thanks to their "Fieldcraft" ability, and their guns will reap an fearsome toll on sisters since you wound them on 3+. As for the fire warriors personally I&#39;d mechanize them, but if you&#39;re taking a static approach these guys look ok. The shas&#39;ui should have a target lock, and a few more of the little shas couldn&#39;t hurt.

Heavy support looks good. The only change I&#39;d make here is to put burst cannons on the Ion head. So overall I think you should make a list a little something like this:

Shas&#39;e w/ fusion blaster, plasma rifle, multi tracker

Shas&#39;e w/ Cyclic Ion blaster, plasma rifle, targeting array, HWMT

3 Battle suits, missile pods, plasma rifles, multi trackers

2 Battle suits w/ twin-linked missile pods, flamers

6 Stealth suits, team

10 Kroot w/ kroot rifles

10 Kroot w/ kroot rifles

8 Fire warriors w/ shas&#39;ui, markerlight, target lock

8 Fire warriors w/ shas&#39;ui, markerlight, target lock

Hammerhead w/ rail gun, SMS, multi tracker, decoys, target lock

Hammerhead w/ ion cannon, 2 burst cannons, multi tracker, decoy launchers

2 Broadsides w/ A.S.S, team leader, 2 shield drones

Total: 1502
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Default Re: Struggle against sisters..advices?

I used to play against sisters fairly often. Units to look out for are:

Their fast ones. Not so much Seraphim, but Pen. Engines, Repentia, etc. If you are being run at by Repentia, throw a ton of Kroot at them. Some -will- die from the Mistress&#39; power whips, but all the Repentia go last, and with charging attacks, you&#39;ll rip em in half.

Pen. Engines.....try to immobilize one, if nothing else. Vehicle squadrons move in such a way that if one can&#39;t move, the others need to wait with it until it can, or abandon it, in which case its destroyed. Just -dont- underestimate how far those things can move a turn....it&#39;s not pretty.

Exorcist..its a monster. Though its got weaknesses. It can&#39;t shoot those missiles indirectly so it&#39;s gotta see you to shoot you. My advice: throw a tasty bait unit (with a lottttt of drones) out in the open to bring it out, then quick drive your Hammerheads up and get it from the sides.

Faith Points. When you kill a sister sergeant, they consiter her to be a martyr and get +1 faith point, on top of what they already have stacked up in their army list. They can be employed in a whole list of ways, accomodating many situations. I&#39;d take a look @ the Witch Hunters dex and look up faith points, try to memorize them and think about where they could be applied for most damage. Chances are he&#39;ll do something like that if you give him the opening.

Assassins. If he takes one.....it&#39;ll probably be either Callidus or Eversor. Both are combat monsters, but will fall under fire. Just don&#39;t throw Kroot at them, they&#39;ll get sliced+diced before they know whats going on.

Stereotypically, sisters are a mid-range/close combat army, but this can all be changed depending on what his army looks like. I mean this in the sense of that Witch Hunters can take Space Marines, Guard, Demon Hunters......in a ton of lethal combinations. So don&#39;t be surprised if he starts deploying some units you didn&#39;t expect. Though I can almost guaruntee you he&#39;ll put down the units I mentioned above.

Either way, good luck to you when you do fight him, show those deluded corpse-worshippers the divine light of the greater good! (oh wait, thats just the muzzleflash of a railgun. meh, close enough.)
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Default Re: Struggle against sisters..advices?

The others have pretty much hit it on the nail with thier assesments. With WH thier very reliant on short range firepower (the exorcist tank is an exception though, so that&#39;s priority #1 to take out), and have some really nasty hth stuff. I&#39;ve faced off against pure Sisters armies quite a bit, and a bit suprisingly, they&#39;ve really haven&#39;t been too much of a problem for me. (Take out the transports, because their just easy to take down ;D). With the faith points, SOB can take quite a bit of firepower, but the nice thing about Tau is that we don&#39;t have that many high AP weapons, so you can hit a SOB squad with a few PRs, or Railguns, etc. your opponint will waste a faithpoint to give them a 3+ INV., they you can just concentrate a bunch of pulse rifles into the squad, saving your other high AP weaons for the next squad, so that he&#39;ll waste another faith point on that squad. An assassin is something you&#39;ll have to look out for, since they can infultrate, and probably rip up a whole squad in the first rounds if thier lucky, so be ready to move in with the tanks, etc. to take them out ASAP.
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Default Re: Struggle against sisters..advices?

Pen. Engines.....try to immobilize one, if nothing else. Vehicle squadrons move in such a way that if one can&#39;t move, the others need to wait with it until it can, or abandon it, in which case its destroyed. Just -dont- underestimate how far those things can move a turn....it&#39;s n
Since it hasn&#39;t been noted yet, I will go ahead and mention that, should pentient engines be around, they ignore any results less than immobilized (No stun or shaken). They also require priests about, so make sure to figure out which unit(s) it (Or they) is in, since there are special rules to make the unit always count as having moved (Thus, prevents certain weapons from firing, like bolters), and must always charge.

No time to note anything else yet, but those&#39;re a few things to watch out for anwyay.

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