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Posting Guidelines
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Default Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Tau Message Board. Before you start posting (or before you post again after reading this), make sure you have read the forum rules:


General Advice
Read the whole thread before you comment, make sure you know what the topic is and whats been said already.

Be tollerant of others views and try to be open minded, long discussions are great, arguing is fine as long as you dont resort to flaming or spamming.

The most important rule - be friendly and have fun, share your opinions, give advice when you can/want and just relax.

All the rules and other information available in the GW website are now easily found using this topic:

GW Resources: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=7202.0

This includes Anghor Prok rules, Rail Rifle rules, Reference Sheets etc. Therefore there is no reason to make a topic asking for them as they are readily available from the above topic (also found in the Important Topics thread).
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Default Posting Guidelines

Do not question the Moderators
A Moderator's decision is final. If I, Aunny, Khanaris, any Global Mod or Admin decide to edit and/or delete your posts, or lock your topic, then it is our decision. Do not start another post to complain about it, as this will go very badly for you. If you feel that there has been a genuine error, PM me or them, and the matter may be discussed.

No thread Necromancy
Topics die. It happens, and it's usually pretty obvious when it has. If a topic has not been posted in for months, then leave it unless you have something very important to add. Bumping a thread like this will usually result in the post being locked.

It is not difficult to use punctuation, six year olds can. So if you are not using punctuation just imagine what impression your giving out of yourself. But more importantly imagine the impression your giving out of the Tau board and whole TO Forums to guests. So not using punctuation is unacceptable, even it is only full stops and commas that you do use.

Notice: Failure to comply will result in a smiting, failure to comply on numerous occasions will lead to more severe punishments.

This begins immediately so any member who does not use grammar will get smited along with a personal message from myself asking why they are incapable of using punctuation. I will not accept any member stating they were unaware of the new rules, as there a two topics concerning it in the Announcements thread, as well as the News box, then of course there is this message now so that means all members of the Tau Board have had enough notice. I would hope many of you would understand the reasoning for this and will support this motion as it will be beneficial to all, other than that have a nice day.

The above does not apply as much so to members not from an english speaking country, which in their cases we simply ask for such members to try and post as clearly as possible, using as much punctuation as possible for the individual. Inevitably many of us do not know which members are foreign, which will be dealt with soon. All i ask is that other members are understanding of foreign members instead of critisizing. Of course if someone is not using punctuation then you could always look at their profile to see if they are foreign or not.

There is a Search Function on the forums allowing members to search for topics of interest, but more importantly it allows users to check to see if the topic they are creating has been created before. Doing this would mean topics do not recur (which is not the case on the Tau board as we are continually pointing people to similar topics) so people don't waste their time repeating what has already been said. Furthermore it is extremely irritating to senior members here as we have posted regarding certain topics over and over and over, which is not enjoyable. So I ask all members who are posting here to first check whether their topic has already been done.

PS: Incase you haven't yet realised the Search button is located at the top left of the page, under the title 'Search'.

Thread Specific Advice

Simple Questions
It seems these days that many members are creating topics to answer simple easy questions, so is cluttering up the forums, because of this i feel it is necessary to introduce you all to the FAQ thread here:


Now there is one thread entitled the Tau FAQ thread, and incase you wonder what FAQ stands for it means Frequently Asked Questions, which are what many of you are creating topics to do so, so i ask that people with questions which inevitably require only one or two posts.

Notice: if your question thread has dissappeared it is because it has been moved to the above thread.

What shall i get Next? Threads
There appears to be many new members asking for help on what they should buy next, which is fine except for the way people are going about them. To simply state what you have and ask for advice on what next isn't very helpful so i ask that all of these threads also include a brief rundown of how they are going to play, this can be as simple as one word; Static, Mech, Hybrid. This will allow members to offer better advice regarding your army so is only of benefit.

Army Lists
All army list threads belong in the army list Child Board, where all currently active army list topics will be moved.You all should post new army list threads within the child board. Although any threads which are created in the wrong place will subsequently be moved, but be warned consistent (as in doing so several times) failure to post lists in their appropriate section may reward the offender with some negative karma.

Battle Reports
It has become apparent that some members would like to be able to find Battle Reports to read but are having problems locating threads due to how active it is here. So in order to aid all members looking for such threads could all members creating Battle Reports have the following at the beginning of the topic title:


It may also be worthwhile to mention the number of points in the title too, as this makes it easier for all members and would probably get thread posters more feedback on their battle. So everyone's a winner.
Originally Posted by RJay
"Nice guys finish last"
Originally Posted by Tau-killer
Originally Posted by Sir Winston Churchill on 23rd August 1940
Never in the field of human satire were so many made to feel so humble by so much acid wit
GOT IT! Thatís the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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Default Thread titles

Thread Titles
From time to time you may notice that the first post in some threads is listed as having been edited by myself or one of the other moderators. This just indicates that we changed the name of the thread after it was posted. I will usually correct spelling and grammer in thread titles as a matter of simple housekeeping, as well as making sure that the title accurately reflects the topic of the thread.

So if you are asking a question, make it clear what the question is in the thread title. Just putting "I need Help!" may be accurate, but putting "I need help fighting Orks!" will get you more and more focused responses. It also makes it much easier to search through old threads.

We have also been putting batrep in the title of any Battle Reports as a handy search key.
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Default Re: Posting Guidelines

Through out the last coming period, there has been an increase of swearing on the boards. Frankly, it makes your post look unprofessional, and makes it look like a 6 year old wrote it. Although a majority of the swearing has not been direct, there has also been an increase in "leet" swearing; which is exactly the same as typing it out directly. Moderator's tolerances here on TauOnline are growing thin.

Mods will still be editing posts to correct the language, usually then followed by a warning. If the member in question continues to use language, smiting will occur.

Alas, there is also been an increase of flaming between members. Any topics that contain flames toward an other member(s) will be locked; also smitting may occur if the offence is great enough.

So to keep your posts looking like they may actually contain useful information or discussion, please refrain from language and flaming; it will be greatly appreciated by all.
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