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Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.
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Default Re: Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.

Agreed. Hell, the whole Tau way of war, that of mobility, is designed so that the Shas do not die needlessly.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.

Originally Posted by Calaban
The individual does not matter. When someone in a Tau army risks his life, or dies needlessly.. well, it wasnt really needlessly. It served a pupose, it perpetuated a plan to achieve a goal. It served.. you guessed it: The Greater Good.
I'd say that's the first step towards... well.. imperium. If one lives only to serve and die FOR the greater good, then its not very great, nor good, to the shas. If all are to reap the benefits of the Tau'va, then each and every individual matters. If you're certain each and every other Tau out there would do the same for you, then all of a sudden you're fighting for far better reasons than 'its the firing line if you don't', or "they'll look down on you".

In a day-to-day basis, minor sacrifices, (if they can be even considered that, since if you didn't "want" it in the first place you're not losing out on much) such as sharing food, workload, etc benefit everyone. Instead of a handful doing all the work, everyone does their share, and so benefits from everyone else having done theirs. If everyone shares their surplus of food, then you might not individually have a huge stockpile, but no one goes hungry.

Even looked at from such a selfish angle, its got plenty of good points, unless you were originally (or planning to) be one of the fat cats that just count the dough everyone else made for you. Everyone doing their part means that much less work you personally have to do. Call it my 'greater slack' hypothesis.

So yes, preserving life benefits the greater good: All that training, some equipment, experience (what pricetag can you put on tons of THAT?) are saved by giving the shas'la carapace and pulse rifles over lasrifles and flak. They're saved by those shield generators, mass-produced drone units, battlesuit armor, reliable weaponry (*cough*PLASMA*cough*) stim systems... The whole army's pretty much centered around denying the other guys a slaughter, as opposed to just out-hording them so more of your guys will be standing than his at the end.

There might be some pretty sharp costs in losing even a shas'la, especially if you don't have trillions of them, and not just financially.

Add to that morale bonuses from knowing they've got that kind of support behind each of them, and its no wonder they're so tough to shake off and have been expanding at such rates, taking in other races with'em.
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Default Re: Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.

Think about it... Your Sworn Brothers (presuming they've taken the Talissera) are in mortal danger, and you are mortaly wounded... How would you like to go? Get hacked to peices by the enemy, or let the divine light of the Tau'Va engulf you to take some of the other guys screaming to hell with you and save you Brothers?
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Default Re: Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.

Originally Posted by israfel420
Example Stims on a tank hunting Monat who has lost his bonded brothers and now lives for only revenge is perfectly fluffy.

Stims on a typical crisis suit Shas'vre team leader is not ok because wouldn't his buddies try to get him off of the juice?

Alternately, the Stims can be viewed as merely life support systems for an aging commander. Perfectly fluffy.
Based on how the SI is worded in the Codex... its the other way around. The Stim Injector floods the pilot's system with stims when and if he becomes wounded. Think of it as giving a a guy with a heart attack an adrenaline injection. The stims are there to give the body extra energy to stay alive until real medical attention can be giving. The Stims are more to the life support system than as "juice" for ramping up before they go into combat.
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Default Re: Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.

I think we've all decided the ejection system is what Tau is all about.

The main problem with stimulant injectors is our pre-conceived notion of pumping someone full of drugs. In general we think more along the lines of recreational drug, or drug-induced supersoldiers (it is the feel no pain rule after all). The Tau version could be more like what happens in the back of an ambulance- medics keep really hurt people alive by pumping them full of adrenaline. It's likely just unfortunate choice of words.... of course in 40k more often than not the feel no pain/stimulant injectors are used to create drug-induced supersoldiers....

Everyone seems split on the failsafe detonator. I think of these like giving spies, or even astronauts arsenic teeth. Imagine a sombre Aun taking a quiet moment with a brave crisis pilot: "if your lines are overrun and the end comes, you know what to do."

As such the pilot would not be: so long suckers!
And would be: in our most desperate hour, may my life protect the lives of others.
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Default Re: Fluffy, yet effective Crisis suits: A guide.

Originally Posted by Faolin
When someone in a Tau army risks his life, or dies needlessly.. well, it wasnt really needlessly. It served a pupose, it perpetuated a plan to achieve a goal.

This just seems wrong. Sure, dying for the cause is acceptable. NEEDLESSLY dying for the cause dosen't help anyone. Compare these two scenarios.

1.) A Crisis Suit is shot at by a squad of Marines, and dies.
2.) A Crisis Suit is shot at, and because of wargear lives. He proceeds to blast the Marines to pieces.

Which serves the Greater Good more? It's obviously two. Espescially when you consider the Crisis Suit could go on to kill MORE Marines/Tyranids/Orks, and perhaps even become a Shas'O.
OK, take your example, and ask yourself this: Does the Crisis Suit and pilot encompass the entire Greater Good. The answer is no, he but serves it, through his actions on that battlefield, and his efforts up and maybe even a bit after he dies. From my (somewhat bitter, I admit) point of view, all of you guys play your Shas'O Commanders and Armies as Selfish Sufferers of Battlefield Neurosis, Arrogantly believing that THEY are the most important thing to the Empire, and ITS Greater Good!

Hehe, you all should be thankfull that there are no Tau Inquisitors, or else youd all be put in Soul Cleanse suits and sent off to attack the nearest SM Fortress. ;D

I am truly sorry for sidetracking this thread (although I feel this detour is essential to the subject, and entertaining to me at the very least), but allow me to continue just a bit more, in order to show people the Truth of the Greater Good, and how its more like the Truth of Mother Nature. (Nice analogy, if I do say so)

Hmm.. thinking batter on it, I think I'll spawn my own Thread on this on my own.. for the greater good of this great thread.
http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=36176.0 [in case you couldnt tell by its title]
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