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Piranha Question
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Default Piranha Question

Its probably just Game Workshops bad wording, but it says in the codex that a Piranha can be used for a high ranking personal transport in the fluff. What kind of person would use this transport and would it be allowed ingame. I was also thinking about turning one into a open topped transport (like those of the Dark Eldar) and I was wondering if this would be a good or bad idea or simply uneceptable. All comment welcome...
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Default Re: Piranha Question

Most probably for an Aun on inspection of the troops, or other high-Ranking non-Firecaste members. Or just for Shas`Os that work as military advisors.

But most certainly only in non-combat situations.

About turning one into an open-topped transport: they already are one (for Drones, at least *g*). Besides, it wouldn`t make much sense, gameplay-wise - there`s only room for one passenger, in combat situations it would be too dangerous to ferry troops around with open topped transports (at least for Tau).

But as a showcase-piece it would look great - with insignia and stuff, to show a personal transport for a high-ranking Ethereal... I like that one *g*
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