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The target lock on sniper drones?
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Default The target lock on sniper drones?

Confusing rules yet again (or I'm just confused ).

It states that every sniper drone has a Target Lock.

At page 28 in the codex it states that a Target Lock "enables the model to target a separate enemy unit to that engaged by the rest of its own unit", and that "One Target Priority test is made for the unit - if passed the separate shots are taken; if failed, all shooting must be at the nearest target,...".

Does this mean that only one Target Priority test is rolled for the entire sniper drone unit after stating up to 3 different targets (one targeted unit, and two separate units for the two other drones), not one per model?

Or is this just the typical GW case of poor wording?
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Default Re: The target lock on sniper drones?

Means you take a single target priority test. If you pass it, everyone can shoot at whatever they want thanks to the targetlock (the main target thus being whatever the controller is shooting at since he's the only one without one)

If you fail it, you don't get to use them, since the whole squad's going to be shooting at the nearest target only.
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Default Re: The target lock on sniper drones?

But hopefully you have another few teams of snipers to take out whatever.
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