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Okay I want to start Tau...
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Default Okay I want to start Tau...

I have an idea of what I want to do. Okay picture something like this:

HQ - Crisis Commander

Elites - Crisis Suits

Troops - Fire Warriors (x3) + Devilfish Transport (x3)

Fast Attack - Pirannahs

Heavy Supports - Hammerheads and/or Sky Ray

Well here's the idea: The Firewarriors are in the Devilfish, zooming around the field getting out, shooting, and then getting back in again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The Crisis Suits/Commander deepstrike (not too close to the table edge of course ) They would aim for the more threatening targets (enemy tanks and such).

The Sky Ray or Hammerheads would sit back and lay down the fire-support.


Firewarriors - shooting at enemy troops getting there quickly and leaving just as quick

Crisis Suits - Deepstrike near the enemy's key units and destroy them.

Sky Ray/Hammerhead - Make sure the other two are able to do their job.

Well what do you think?
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Default Re: Okay I want to start Tau...

Sounds like a pretty standard mobile tau tactic. You probly only need 2 devilfish units as a 3rd is generally overkill. I'd replace that one with kroot and/or some stealth suits. Deepstriking is a good tactic however doing it with HQ isn't usually a good idea its better to do the usual jsp tactic with him and looking after him.
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Default Re: Okay I want to start Tau...

The basic plan can work, but you have to give them the weapons and the upgrades. For example, you mentioned that you want to deep-strike crisis suits right? Well, some weapons that the crisis suits can have is better off used in tandem with the entire force instead of deepstriking.

As for the hammerhead, what kind of weapons do you plan to put on it? Railgun? Ion cannon?

You need to be a little clearer about this...........
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Default Re: Okay I want to start Tau...

Are you planning on using the crisis suits are monats (single models) or in teams. Depending one what you choose to do will effect what you want to equip them with. I run a monat Shas'El with BC, CIB, VRT, and Stims. As a monat he can hide behind friendly units and not be targetable then when the enemy aproaches he leaps out shoots, assualts (yes a Tau assualt unit) then leaps out of combat with his VRT. But I also run a Three man team of Deathrains (Twin linked Missile Pods), they provide long range anti-transport/skimmer, and infantry support. Generally with monats you will upgrade them to a very specific role while teams are more for general support. Also if you want to deepstirke a suit it would probably be best to equip him with Linked Fusion blasters, Plasma Rifle, and HW multi tracker (forget the name, SunBlade or something like that). With that he can Deepstrike behin enemy lines drop any tank or heavy infatntry within 12" for not to much cost.
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Default Re: Okay I want to start Tau...

Ah good old mech tau.

I have a few questions for you.

Firewarriors: Are you going to go with the plain Jane Devilfish, or are you gonna deck it out and make it a "warfish"?

Are you considering Kroot as another Troop Choice?

Are you going to consider taking any Stealths?

The hammerheads are going to be RAILGUN or IONCANNON's.

What point level are you starting out with?

I do agree with the above as far as deepstriking, This can be dangerous, and should be used in moderation. I would only deep strike things like T/L fusion crisis. The crisis suits just deplyed on the table are still very dangerous and can be a pain for your opponent to deal with if you just follow the old JSJ strategy.
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Default Re: Okay I want to start Tau...

Some pathfinders could help you with deepstriking, or to be more specific their devilfish. It's marker beacon really helps to prevent those suits from scattering and landing where you don't want them to. Not to mention a squad of pathfinders would inject more markerlights into your army.
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