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Broad sides
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 02:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default Broad sides

Been a while since I have written, been out kicking Chaos, eldar, marine and IG but for the Greater good.
Just wanted to what your opinion of broadsides are? I dont like things that cant move and shoot wha do you all reckon
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Default Re: Broad sides

the reason they cant move and shoot is because they dont need to move or shoot. get shield drones with them and just unleash fire on the enemy. usually the only thing that can take out a broadside if you keep it away is a tank. infantry wont get near it unless they DS or your not doing so hot

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Broad sides

I agree,

Broadsides arn't meant to be bouncing about engaging the more nimble elements of your opponent, leave that to crisis and stealth teams.

Set 'em on hills outpost what ever has a commanding view and lines of fire and start rolling dice.

Pick on vehicles and ultra tough units with high armour saves.

Personnally i really rate broadside units. against opponents who frisk around the edges outta site or in cityfight battles SMS equiped BS and HH are invaluable, take drones and gens and sit an ethereal in a 3 strong unit and u should soak most of the enemies HW attention.

I could go on and on but i won't and i'll prob get flamed but it's just my 2 cents worth

Good luck and happy hunting
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Default Re: Broad sides

I'm a very avid BS hater, they cannot move and maintain any sort of fire, bad in a Tau army IMO, although nececcary against armies such as armoured company they performa abysmally IMO against other armies as in all seriousness, they will have to move to escape assaults, what commander would let 200+ pts of free kills just sit there and kill him, he'll go after them and they have no way of escaping while still killing models, hell they even escape without killing models poorly, IMO theyre just not worth the 140-200+ points they cost, I could get 20 kroot or a Crisis team for that.
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 16:21   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broad sides

bsides can hold thier own in combat! 2+ save or 4+ inv (you have to give them this imho) with shield generator and they'll tie up your opponents cc monsters for a turn or 2 letting the rest of your army shoot the rest of his/hers
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 17:25   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broad sides

Broad sides are fine in my opinnion, work fine if you use them in a static firebase and realisticaly the railguns are of use, you just gotta make sure they dont get killed to easily...
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Default Re: Broad sides

IMO its all about deployment and terrain with these guys, if you can get them into a great vantage point (in cover helps so you dont need to buy a shield generator!) then they will wreak havoc to all armoured vehicles and mosters the whole game, however one quiblle (isnt enough to stop me using them!) is that a unit can get very expensive very quickly...
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 17:37   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broad sides

Can they shoot the Pie Plate of Love Submunition?
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Default Re: Broad sides

no im afraid not, only HH railguns can fire submunitions rounds...then they would be just sweet ;D
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Default Re: Broad sides

One idea about broadsides people tend to forget is the TL plasma Rifle upgrade. This will allow you to move and fire when not using the Railguns. Shield gens on broadsides- I used to do this until it dawned on me: Broadsides hardly ever move, so long as there are some ruins or buildings u can set up in you are getting a 4+ save anyway. Better off with the multi tracker , drone controller, or target lock. I use broadsides but in many ways I agree with Diz, the mobility of the HH and the price difference makes it a better choice in most situations
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